“Take Back Our Borders” convoy is a mess

Finally, after a prayer from a priest with ties to church activists, Far-right religious websiteThe convoy set off an hour later than scheduled, traveling along I-95. The convoy was led by a bus plastered with MAGA slogans.

One of the vehicles in the convoy got lost almost immediately, according to a message posted on the Zello Walkie-Talkie app, which the group uses to communicate while on the road. Later, when the teams connected to discuss evening plans, the meeting quickly devolved into an argument about where they were going to stay. Even trying to meet at a gas station was difficult: Due to the large size of the South Carolina Buc-ee’s, team members couldn’t find each other.

A few hours into the trip, the lead bus stopped on the shoulder and ejected a man on board who had traveled alone from Washington, D.C.It’s unclear exactly why he was deported, but the man was part of a group protesting every day On Jan. 6, he was stranded in Florence, South Carolina, without his wallet while supporting those imprisoned in connection with the Capitol riots, according to details discussed in a livestream from people who came into contact with the man.

Throughout the day, the six viewers who broadcast the convoy’s live broadcast spent much of the day fielding questions from some of the thousands of viewers.

Most of the questions were about the conspiracy that the convoy was a “setup” by the federal government to “frame the Patriots.” paranoia Reportedly present in the group from the beginning Leaked group chat content on Discord: “This will soon be filled with trolls and the feds,” one member wrote a week ago.

Paranoia is also widespread on the Telegram channel used to coordinate fleets across the country. “I hope this isn’t another J6 trap. People need to pray for insight into this. But three years in and people are tired of it,” one member wrote, referring to the widely debunked plot to insurrection at the Capitol It’s the left’s plan to ensnare Trump supporters.

After the cars hit the road on Monday, organizers issued a press release claiming that “groups are being formed to infiltrate the convoy.” The statement also claimed that “nowhere on the website is there any mention of the convoy heading to the border.” “This is not Accurate, since the main convoy’s route clearly stated the final destination was Eagle Pass.

In addition, one of the organizers of the team, Pete Chambers As told to Alex Jones last week His plan involves going to the border to hunt down immigrants and working with local law enforcement to capture them. Several people traveling with the convoy on Monday mentioned heading to Eagle Pass. “We’re all going to the border,” one of the members announced on a livestream Monday night.

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