Taiwan earthquake real-time updates: Buildings collapse after strongest earthquake in 25 years; Japan lifts tsunami warning

Japan cancels all tsunami warnings

The latest one has just been released—— Japan Japan has canceled all tsunami warnings following the earthquake, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

It was previously reported that Japan had lowered its forecast, and Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Lin Jizheng Residents of the Okinawa area are urged to stay in safe areas until all tsunami warnings are lifted.

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Damage and debris can be seen in the building’s courtyard Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Located in Taipei, a national historic site and tourist attraction:

Roadblocks erected around the ruins of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei. Photo: CNA/AFP/Getty Images

Correspondent at The Guardian Gregor Hunter His latest news from Taipei:

There was visible damage to some buildings in downtown Taipei on Wednesday morning, such as outside the Howard Plaza Hotel, where the quake damaged its exterior brick walls and caused some text on the hotel’s sign to fall off.

Mike Hung Hsu, a guest at the hotel, said he was awakened by the earthquake while visiting Taiwan from the United States.

“I’ve never felt an earthquake like this in Los Angeles, even though we have earthquakes all the time,” he said.

“I used to live in Taiwan, and there has never been an earthquake like this in my memory.”

He said his family canceled a planned sightseeing trip to Yilan County, near Hualien County on the east coast, because there was no public transportation.

Rescue workers search for survivors trapped in a damaged building in New Taipei City. Photo: CNA/AFP/Getty Images

Our reporter is at Taiwan, Lin Chihui, This translation notification has been sent to us president of taiwan Tsai Ing-wen A message posted on her Facebook page detailing the country’s response to the disaster:

The Central Disaster Relief Center has been established, and ministries and commissions are reporting the situation in various places. Please pay attention to various official information at any time, and check carefully for any news related to the earthquake.

I would also like to remind everyone that some Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail (THSR) trains have been delayed. Commuters please pay attention to the operating conditions of MRT and Taiwan Railways in various places.

In addition, there were many aftershocks this morning, reminding everyone not to take the elevator for the time being and pay more attention to safety.

Our latest Taiwan earthquake video bulletin:

Strong earthquake in Taiwan, buildings collapsed, people rescued – video

As we continue to get updates on what’s going on HualienClose to the epicenter, our reporter Gregor Hunter Describes what the town normally looks like:

Hualien is a charming seaside town sandwiched between the mountains on Taiwan’s east coast.

It often attracts tourists from other parts of the island to admire the stunning natural beauty around it, including the nearby Taroko Gorge National Park, and also has a rich Taiwanese aboriginal culture alongside backpacker hostels and surf shops.

The city, on the windy east coast, has little shelter behind the mountains that protect the rest of Taiwan from typhoons from the Pacific.

Although its coastal highway makes it a favorite with cyclists, there are only a few road and rail connections, and the high-speed rail service connecting cities along the island’s more industrialized west coast has no stops.

The city also hosts a major air base from which Taiwanese F-16 fighter jets regularly fly to intercept Chinese air incursions.

The last big one in Hualien earthquake In 2022, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake destroyed buildings, derailed trains, killed one person and left thousands of residents without power.

26 buildings reported “leaning or collapsing”

“Two buildings collapsed and some people are believed to be trapped,” a fire department official in Hualien County, near the quake’s epicenter, told AFP.

Taiwan said in a televised national briefing National Fire Service explain 26 buildings It was reported to be “leaning or collapsing,” but no details were given about the location of the structure.

Philippines cancels tsunami warning

Rebecca Ratcliffe

Rebecca Ratcliffe

Philippine Earthquake Administration Cancelled “Based on available data from sea level monitoring stations facing the epicenter area, no significant sea level disturbance was recorded from 07:58 a.m. until the time of cancellation,” the tsunami warning said.

It added that “any impact from the tsunami warning has largely passed” and that the agency had canceled all tsunami warnings issued for the event.

key point

Here are some basic points of what we know so far about the Taiwan earthquake:

  • The earthquake occurred in 7:58 a.m. local timeabout 18 kilometers south-southwest of Hualien

  • it is about 35 kilometers According to the Associated Press, deep (21 miles)

  • Japan classifies earthquake as 7.7 scale

  • Tsunami warnings and advisories have been issued, but Pacific Tsunami Warning Center Said that the threat of Taiwan’s earthquake “has now passed.”

Japan cancels all tsunami warnings

The latest one has just been released—— Japan Japan has canceled all tsunami warnings following the earthquake, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

It was previously reported that Japan had lowered its forecast, and Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Lin Jizheng Residents of the Okinawa area are urged to stay in safe areas until all tsunami warnings are lifted.

Get the latest on tsunami warnings and advisories – most of which appear to be behind us.

Japan Meteorological Agency The tsunami forecast has been revised down from 3m (9.8 feet) to 1m (3.3 feet).

According to the Associated Press, waves were about 30 centimeters (one foot) on one island, while smaller waves were detected on other islands.

Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan Lin Jizheng It said Japan had received no reports of injuries or damage.

He appealed to residents in the area Okinawa Areas remain safe until all tsunami warnings are lifted.

China No warning was issued to mainland China, and no threat was issued to mainland China. hawaii and Guam.

More than two hours after the earthquake Taiwanthis Pacific Ocean Tsunami Warning Center Said that the tsunami threat has basically passed.

Taiwan Fire Department reports 1 dead and 50 injured

We are receiving the first casualty figures. According to Reuters, one person died and more than 50 people were injured after the earthquake. Taiwan fire Department.

We’ll have more for you when we get it.

Another image emerges, this time of a landslide Xiulinlocated near the east coast of Taiwan:

Landslide scene after the Xiulin earthquake in Taiwan. Photo: Tutuloveeat/Tutuloveeatg/Reuters

Our Guardian reporter Chi Hui Lin sent us more information about the devastation among people in Hualien. The epicenter was reportedly located 25 kilometers southeast of the city.

A hotel exist Hualien City Tell me that people in Hualien know that major earthquakes sometimes occur, so items at home are fixed.

When the earthquake happened, they did not run out immediately, but waited until the earthquake subsided before going out to avoid falling. There was little damage to the hotel where she was staying, except for some items falling down.

other stand up paddle shop exist Hualien He told me that Hualien people have experienced many earthquakes. When this earthquake happened, they knew it was big and hurried out.

He said residents of many buildings in Hualien are currently being evacuated.

When the earthquake occurred, he was driving near a mountain and there were many falling rocks.

As he spoke to me, there was the sound of an ambulance passing by in the background.

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says threat has passed

The tsunami threat from the earthquake has now passed, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

The center’s website has a post “There are no tsunami warnings, advisories, watches or threats” regarding the Taiwan earthquake.

More latest images from the Taiwan earthquake:

Debris seen from behind a window falling from a building in New Taipei City. Photography: Wang/Reuters
A damaged apartment in New Taipei City after the earthquake. Photo: Fabian Hamacher/Reuters

Japan tsunami warning downgraded to advisory level

Justin McCurry

Justin McCurry

Tsunami waves arriving late in the morning were not as high as predicted and the alert was downgraded to an advisory.

But an official from the Japan Meteorological Agency urged people to continue evacuating until the warning is lifted.

Public broadcaster NHK said some residents on Okinawa’s main island had been evacuated to a nearby U.S. military base, while footage showed others watching the sea from the safety of high ground in Naha, the prefectural capital.

87,000 people in Taiwan are without power

According to a Reuters report, Taiwan’s electricity operator Taipower said that more than 87,000 people across the country are currently without power.

Earlier we heard that 10,000 homes were without power, with restoration efforts reportedly underway.

Aftershocks hit Taipei

According to Reuters, buildings in Taipei continued to shake after the aftershocks.

Meanwhile, the Japan Meteorological Agency warned people to be wary of aftershocks of similar intensity within a week or so.

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