Synergy One rejects NAF’s Draper & Kramer division CEO

Synergy One Lending’s strategy for 2024 is to expand market share.

So when the opportunity came up to absorb 11 former Draper and Kramer Mortgage branches, they didn’t want to Transitioning to New American FundingNAF announced on Feb. 1 that it acquired operations and employees from Chicago-based Draper and Kramer Mortgage, which has 60 branches and 450 employees nationwide, according to its website.

CEO Steve Majerus told National Mortgage News that affiliates joining SynergyOne are currently being onboarded, but the process will be fairly easy due to a “similar technology stack and culture.”

“We try to be very sensitive to our new teammates who are not initially going to make a move,” Majerus said. “It’s been full-court pressure from everyone to get them in and get them into our system.” ‘s support team ensures the experience is as efficient and less confusing as possible. “

Combining these divisions expands Synergy One’s footprint to Ohio, Alabama, Texas and Louisiana. Synergy One had more than 200 secured loan officers as of Feb. 9, according to the National Mortgage Licensing System.

Majerus said this is just the first phase of the mortgage store development plan.

“We believe we can achieve outsized growth relative to the rest of the market,” he added.

National Mortgage News spoke with Majerus to discuss the 11 branches, how this expansion benefits Synergy One and its future expansion plans.

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