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Super Bowl (Travis and Taylor’s version): How this power couple survives the week before the big game

it is super bowl Weekend, whether you like it or not, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce – the world’s most famous couple – are a big part of it.Yahoo has all the latest “Traylor” Newsincluding his preparations for the big game and her “Eras Tour” stop in Tokyo on Super Bowl eve — and whether she’ll be back in Las Vegas in time for the kickoff.

Where are they now?

• Kelce is working out with the Kansas City Chiefs in Las Vegas in preparation for their Super Bowl game against the San Francisco 49ers.

• Swift is in Tokyo, where she plans to perform All tickets for the four concerts were sold outis part of her “Eras Tour” from February 7-10.

Get ready for a Swift-themed Super Bowl party

(Illustration: Yahoo News; Photo: Getty Images)

(Illustration: Yahoo News; Photo: Getty Images)

Thanks to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, this year’s Super Bowl parties will have a whole new look. Yahoo Entertainment’s David Atavia reports:

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell recently joined The “Taylor Swift effect” created “another group of young fans interested in the sport, especially young women.”

“She’s a football fan, and I think that’s great for us,” he said of Swift on Monday.

Swift fans are dreaming of a unique way to watch the “Anti-Hero” singer hit the big game.

“I’ve never cared about football, but I’m looking forward to this year’s game and having a big party for it!” Ariel Hendricks, who lives in Texas, told Yahoo Entertainment.

Hendrix showed her love for Swift by providing guests with trays and other “Taylor-themed” accessories, which were placed on a giant red table that read, “Go Taylor’s boyfriend! “

Janika Leean avid sports fan and self-proclaimed “New SwiftyThe Missouri native told Yahoo Entertainment that she hand-made Swift and Kelce-themed bingo cards to give to guests attending Super Bowl parties she hosted at her home. She also created a custom “Eras Tour” poster for those eager to “take lots of selfies” during the game.

read more: There’s a “Taylor Swift Effect” at Super Bowl parties. Just say yes to Bad Bloody Marys, Tayter Tots, and Pigs in Cardigans.

Swift takes Tokyo

Swift performed on stage at the Tokyo Dome on Wednesday.Swift performed on stage at the Tokyo Dome on Wednesday.

Swift performed on stage at the Tokyo Dome on Wednesday. (Christopher Jue/TAS24/Getty Images)

Just took it off her Making history at the Grammy Awards on Sunday nightSwift took the stage at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on Wednesday for the first of four sold-out concerts on her “Eras Tour” this week.

People report Swift gave viewers some details about her upcoming new album, tortured poets departmentshe announced at the Grammy Awards.

“I have been trying tortured poet since i went to bed midnight,” Swift says“I’ve been working on it for about two years, I’ve been working on it throughout the U.S. tour, and when it’s perfect – in my opinion, when it’s good enough for you – I finish it and I’m very So excited you’ll be hearing it soon.”

Trav’s reaction to the Grammys

Kelce smiled as he spoke with producers at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.Kelce smiled as he spoke with producers at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

Kelce smiled as he spoke with producers Monday at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. (Jeff Speer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

talking about production super bowl media day On Monday, Kelce said he was in awe of Swift winning the album of the year award.

“It’s just amazing, she’s incredible,” Kelce said. “She’s rewriting the history books herself. I told her I had to keep my word and go home with some hardware, too.”

Kelce also confirmed that he’s listened to parts of Swift’s new album, tortured poets departmentbut declined to disclose any details.

“I’ve heard some, and yeah, it’s unbelievable,” he said. “I can’t wait to see her rock the world when it finally falls apart. I can’t give you anything. I leave it all to her.” .


reporter: What was it like knowing Taylor was on the court and playing in front of her?

Kielce: It’s like playing in front of my family. They are the reason I play. They’re the reason I go out there and get so excited to play. My family has given me the tools and the love for the sport, so to be able to go out and represent them in some way and give them something to cheer for is the best feeling.

weather forecast

Fans arrive at Tokyo Dome before Taylor Swift's Tokyo concert.Fans arrive at Tokyo Dome before Taylor Swift's Tokyo concert.

Fans arrive at the Tokyo Dome before Taylor Swift’s concert in Tokyo on Wednesday. (Toru Hanai/AP)

While the concert and Super Bowl will be held inside the Dome, the weather outside may affect the possibility of Swift traveling from Tokyo to Las Vegas to see Kelce perform.


• High: 54°F; Low: 39°F

Mostly sunny.

las vegas

High: 52°F; Low: 41°F

A mix of sunshine and clouds, cool and pleasant.

Source: AccuWeather

Swift may return to Vegas

The 5,500-mile flight from Tokyo to Las Vegas takes about 12 hours and spans 17 time zones, but Swift should have enough time to get to Sin City for Sunday’s Super Bowl.

“If she leaves Tokyo in the evening after the concert, she should be able to get to Las Vegas easily before the Super Bowl starts.” The Japanese Embassy said in a statement sent to February 2nd. “We know many people in Japan are excited to experience Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, so we wanted to make sure anyone involved can fearless Know that this talented performer can wow the Japanese crowd and still be able to travel to Las Vegas to support the Chiefs. “

Swift threatens legal action over flight trackers

Planes parked at the private jet terminal at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas ahead of the Super Bowl.Planes parked at the private jet terminal at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas ahead of the Super Bowl.

Taylor Swift is threatening to sue Jack Sweeney for tracking the flights of celebrities’ private jets, including the Grammy winner’s plane. (John Locher/AP)

Meanwhile, Swift is threatening legal action against University of Central Florida college student Jack Sweeney, who stalks celebrities’ private jets — including hers.

Washington post It was reported on Tuesday that Swift’s attorneys sent Sweeney a cease-and-desist letter in December, asking him to stop “stalking and harassing behavior” and that his plane tracking caused the pop star to live with “private privacy” in constant fear.” Safety. “

“While this may be a game to you, or a path you hope will earn you wealth or fame, it is a matter of life or death for our clients,” the letter said, adding: ” Ms. Wift has dealt with stalkers and others who wished to harm her.”

Sweeney — who had a similar dispute with Elon Musk last year — told Business Insider He had no intention of harming those whose flights he tracked and said he only did so for the sake of “transparency and public information.”

From a numerical perspective

Taylor Swift talks to members of boygenius backstage at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.Taylor Swift talks to members of boygenius backstage at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

Swift chatted backstage with members of boygenius at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday. (Frederick J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images)


– this Estimated number of albums Taylor Swift sold in 2023


– this Receive code number Travis Kelce in his NFL career

5,550 people

— Miles between Tokyo and Las Vegas

$40 million

— Kells Estimated net worth

$1.1 billion

— Swift Estimated net worth

Betting on the big games

Kelce celebrates a touchdown during the AFC Championship Game.Kelce celebrates a touchdown during the AFC Championship Game.

On January 28, Kelce celebrated a touchdown in the AFC Championship Game in Baltimore. (Alex Brandon/AP)

In addition to the usual Super Bowl avalanche betting odds, Sportsbooks in the U.S. and abroad are embracing the Traylor crazeoffering prop bets related to the pop star and her all-pro boyfriend.

While U.S. sportsbooks are not allowed to offer props specifically related to Swift or her actions during games, sportsbooks in other parts of the world are allowed to do so. Some sportsbooks listed prop bets on how many times Swift will appear on the CBS broadcast. Others expressed skepticism about Kelce Swift’s live proposal.

Kielce Asked about betting After practice on Wednesday.

“These bets are crazy,” he said.

Swift-Kyles conspiracy theory

After the AFC Championship Game in Baltimore, Swift whispered to Kelce on the field.After the AFC Championship Game in Baltimore, Swift whispered to Kelce on the field.

Swift whispered to Kelce on the court after the AFC Championship Game on Jan. 28 in Baltimore. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Taylor Swift’s romance with Travis Kelce has sparked a slew of wild conspiracy theories that seem to have gotten even crazier since the Chiefs advanced to the Super Bowl.Some prominent far-right media and political figures, including Fox News host Jesse Watters and former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, even believe Swift is part of psychological surgery Launched by the US government, the NFL and the Democratic Party to help support Joe Biden’s 2024 presidential election.

The Pentagon even issued a tongue-in-cheek statement denying the bizarre claims.

“In response to this conspiracy theory, we will get rid of it” Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singer tell politicians“But it does highlight that we still need Congress to quickly approve our supplemental budget request so that we can Out of the woods and potential financial issues. “

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