Super Bowl 2024: 49ers lead 10-0 over Chiefs with skill touchdown – LIVE

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1:09 of the second quarter, 49ers 10-0 Chiefs

Rice gained 6 yards. That’s a good thing for a first down. Mahomes found Rice again, who entered the San Francisco 14. With a new set of plays in the red zone, the Chiefs would take a timeout.

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1:40 of the second quarter, 49ers 10-0 Chiefs

In Games 3 and 4, Hardman received a false start penalty, which turned the game into a Game 3 and 9. However, Mahomes found Justin Watson for a 21-yard gain. San Francisco’s Warner also received a defensive end penalty, but they would refuse to do so obviously.

1st and 10 on the San Francisco 49 pitch. Watson dropped Mahomes’ throw. This is incomplete. 2nd and 10th. Mahomes passed the ball to Pacheco, who caught the ball for 8 yards. 3rd and 2nd on the San Francisco 39 pitch.

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Email from Jennifer Dewan:

While I may be a little optimistic at these points, I’m certainly pleased with the 49ers defense, which really took the Chiefs out of their rhythm…

They are MVPs so far, let’s see if they can keep the Chiefs out before halftime!

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49ers 10-0 Chiefs, 2:00 of the second quarter

Clyde Edwards-Helaire was stuffed by Nick Bosa for no gain. They let the clock run to the two-minute warning.

3:10 of the second quarter, 49ers 10-0 Chiefs

Someone just made a ton of money off Jennings’ first touchdown throw super bowl.The Chiefs really need to score here, just for momentum reasons, because if the 49ers get separated, their running game will really eat up the clock.

Pacheco got the ball again after a touchback at the Chiefs’ 25. He caught 8 yards. On 2nd and 2, Pacheco caught the ball for 6 yards on the first possession. On 1st and 10, Mahomes found Pacheco again for another 6 yards.

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Touchdown!4:23 of the second quarter, 49ers 10-0 Chiefs

Purdy threw an incomplete pass, but Sneed stuffed Samuel for no gain. He tried to make up for his free throw. On 2nd and 10, Purdy threw the ball to receiver Jauan Jennings, who found McCaffrey under pressure. Mcaffrey was wide open and ran for a touchdown. Moody’s is a great bonus! Here’s your stunt, here’s your first touchdown in the Super Bowl!

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49ers 3-0 Chiefs, 4:34 of the second quarter

1st and 10th. Elijah Mitchell got his first run of the game and it was a good play. He gained 7 yards. Finished 2nd and 3rd in 37 games with the Chiefs. On the next play, a flag came out of the game, freshening up a series of turnovers for San Francisco. Sneed was whistled for unnecessary roughness. It was the correct call, bringing the 49ers to 21 points against the Chiefs.

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6:22 of the second quarter, 49ers 3-0 Chiefs

Purdy got nothing on the first down, but on 2nd and 10, Purdy found Samuel for a 12-yard gain. This is the first attack. McCaffrey gained 6 yards on his first possession and a first down on his next possession. The 49ers are already at Chiefs ’44.

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49ers 3-0 Chiefs, 7:49 of the second quarter

The Chiefs were penalized 10 yards for an intentional touchdown by Mahomes and were in trouble! Townsend’s punt would put the 49ers at their own 33. This is a good starting position for them.

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Email from Ben Y:

Hey Hunter,

Normally on MBM in football, rugby, cricket or almost any other game we have a starting XI and a bench.

What’s the reason this doesn’t happen in American football? Any chance you’ll publish them?

This won’t happen because there are many players on both sides, substitutions are frequent, and the game goes very quickly!

We do try to track injuries, but we have a pretty bad one here, with San Francisco defensive lineman Dre Greenlaw suffering a non-contact injury to the side while preparing to take the field. He was sent off with an Achilles tendon injury and is questionable to return.

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49ers 3-0 Chiefs, 9:26 of the second quarter

McCaffery had no gain on 2nd and 9. On the next play, Purdy was sacked for 4 yards, so the 49ers would punt. Richie James fumbled a catch at the Kansas City 20 but recovered, so that’s where they started.

49ers 3-0 Chiefs, 11:36 of the second quarter

Purdy fumbled the ball and gained 9 yards on the first play, but it was a horse collar tackle by Nick Bolton and Kansas City was penalized 15 yards. The 49ers suffered a new set of turnovers in their 32 games. On the next play, Samuel elected to go up one yard.

Brian Amen Graham

A super bowl Records have fallen. San Francisco rookie kicker Jake Moody’s 55-yard field goal opened the night’s scoring, the longest in the sport’s nearly six-year history. Other efforts:

  • 54 Steve Christie, Buffalo v. Dallas, XXVIII

  • 53 Greg Zuerlein, Los Angeles Rams v New England, 53rd

  • 52 Harrison Butker, Kansas City v Tampa Bay, LV

  • 52 Ryan Succop, Tampa Bay v Kansas City, LV

Email from Jennifer Dewan:

Hi Hunter,

A 6th generation San Francisco Bay Area native and lifelong 49ers fan, I think the Niners finish this game with a score of 27-10.

It will require more scoring than has been the case so far in the first half, but if there are two teams capable of doing that, it’s these two.

Drop the ball! 49ers 3-0 Chiefs, 11:59 of the second quarter

Rice caught the ball for 4 yards and it went out of bounds, but the ball came back to me Kansas City. This allowed Mahomes to pass to Mecole Hardman for a 53-yard gain! They’re on the 9th in San Francisco!

They’re on San Francisco’s doorstep… Pacheco drops the ball! Oh my gosh! Javon Hargrave’s recovery will prevent an almost certain touchdown! The 49ers will start from their own eight yard line!

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49ers 3-0 Chiefs, 14:15 of the second quarter

Jack “Not Jack, Hunter” Moody’s kick was a touchback. The Chiefs will start at 25. Mahomes’ pass to Pacheco was good for a 7-yard gain. Second and third, it’s Pacheco again. He caught two yards. This is the 3rd and 1st place respectively 34 years old.

Shoot!14:38 of the second quarter 49ers 3-0 Chiefs

San Francisco squandered another opportunity when Purdy threw a pass to Samuel in the end zone, but Trent McDuffie knocked the pass down to prevent a touchdown. It was a 55-yard field goal attempt by Jake Moody, not an automatic kick.

He did it!That is super bowl Record for longest field goal made. Who will score first in this game? The 49ers took an early lead.

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Email from Jeff Wignall

hello hunter

Despite the turnovers, the 49ers seemed to have their running game on their feet and were on offense early. Against a blitz-heavy defense like the Chiefs, this must be a good strategy.

The 49ers definitely outplayed the Chiefs on both ends of the floor, but some costly mistakes meant it was still a scoreless game. It’s usually not a good sign when a team doesn’t take full advantage of early opportunities and convert them into points.

But I could be wrong.

End of the first quarter, 49ers 0-0 Chiefs

Another big catch, Purdy to Ray-Ray McLeod: 19 yards. The 49ers are in Kansas City. Purdy’s pass to the end zone on the next play was too high. On 2nd and 10, McCaffrey got the ball, but it was a bust as Felix Anudike-Uzomah took him down 4 yards to the Kansas City 37 . We scored nothing after a single quarter!

49ers 0-0 Chiefs, 1:51.Section 1

Purdy found McCaffrey for a gain and then threw an incomplete pass to Samuel. However, on 3rd and 9, Purdy found Chris Conley for an 18 yard gain! This is definitely the first attack, and they are almost to midfield!

49ers 0-0 Chiefs, 4:36 of the first quarter

McCaffrey gained 7 yards on the first possession. Okay, there’s a 5-yard defensive offsides call here, so now at the San Francisco 22, McCaffrey gets a 3rd-and-1. On 2nd and 2, McCaffrey gained another 4 yards on first down. The 49ers are now 29 years old.

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A timely email from William Preston:

Hey Hunter!

I don’t trust KC’s offense at all (or is this the offense?). The 49ers looked like they were getting stomped hard. To win, they needed to display some thrilling heroics. QB, and avoid those short passes.

Why Paul Rudd?

I hope you enjoy yourself!

It was, although credit must also go to the 49ers defense.

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49ers 0-0 Chiefs, 3:53 of the first quarter

Pacheco gets 10 yards here. On the next play, Chase Young chased Mahomes for a 4-yard loss. 2nd and 14 from their own 17. Mahomes found Rashee Rice, who was knocked down by Fred Warner for no gain. On 3rd and 14, Mahomes had to rush, but only gained 4 yards. What a sequence the 49ers defense is in!

Townsend’s next punt put the 49ers within 17 points.

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Email from Justin Kavanagh:

Watching all the build-up, fireworks and noise in Vegas tonight, I can’t help but picture Roy Keane at home on the couch, watching morosely…angry. Handball Football exclusivist, Keane is a footballer Roy Kent based During the Ted Russo series, a man believed that the trophy should be awarded to the winning captain in the locker room. In private. After the game. Roy must really hate the Super Bowl!

It’s basically a giant commercial enterprise with a football game tacked on to it. I mean, a real business enterprise: it’s the biggest day in the world for advertising.

49ers 0-0 Chiefs, 6:39 of the first quarter

Mitch Wishnowsky initiated the punt. There was also a false start penalty that set them back 5 yards. That doesn’t look good for San Francisco. Richie James caught the deep punt and took the ball five yards to the Chiefs’ own 11.

49ers 0-0 Chiefs, 6 minutes and 42 seconds of the first quarter

2nd and 17th. Purdy passed the ball to George Kittle for the first downs opportunity! These were back-to-back penalties against Williams, except for one holding penalty, which was whistled for holding the ball. It’s a 10-yard penalty. Now it’s 2nd and 27th. Purdy passed to McCaffrey for 8 yards. 3rd and 19. What a promising run this would have been if not for Williams’ two penalties.

Purdy found Samuel for only 12 yards. The 49ers will have to punt.

49ers 0-0 Chiefs, 8:59 of the first quarter

Purdy found Brandon Aiyuk for 18 yards. They’re at the 49 in San Francisco.

On the next play, Deebo Samuel was sacked for a two-yard loss. 2nd and 12th. Then they were penalized for a false start penalty on Trent Williams. It’s a 5-yard penalty.

Email from Joe Pearson:


Wow! It was a deep wound.

Since it was my last day, I gave myself some reference points.

49ers 0-0 Chiefs, 10:16 of the first quarter

McCaffrey has only allowed two fumbles all season. What a terrible thing to miss the third time! On first down, Isiah Pacheco was sacked for a three-yard loss. On the 2nd and 13th time, Patrick Mahomes Travis Kelce was found, but he could only catch one yard. On third-and-12, Mahomes found McKinnon for 8 yards, which wasn’t enough after the opening sack. Tommy Townsend punt caught by Ray-Ray McCloud at San Francisco’s 24 San Francisco’s defense did a great job of keeping the opening fumble at bay hurt them.

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Drop the ball! 49ers 0-0 Chiefs, 12:15 of the first quarter

Brock Purdy found Mcaffrey for 11 yards for another first down. They are now at the Kansas City 40. Another play, and it was Mcaffrey again with the first down. They already lead Kansas City by 29 games.

On the next play, McCaffrey fumbled the ball and was recovered by Kansas City’s George Kraftis. San Francisco fumbled on its first drive of the game and missed a golden scoring opportunity! The Chiefs would have the ball at their 27.

49ers 0-0 Chiefs, 14:24 of the first quarter

The 49ers started at their own 25. Mcaffrey gained 6 yards on 2nd and 4, and fullback Kyle Juszczyk gained 18 yards to their own 49.

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