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Super Bowl 2024: 20% of viewers say they root for Kansas City Chiefs because of Taylor Swift

how big Taylor Swift Impact on Super Bowl? Her impact on the ratings of CBS’s Super Bowl XV telecast will continue to be debated even after the ratings for television’s biggest event of the year are released.

But it’s undeniable that Swift—who Tokyo to Las Vegas Cheering for boyfriend Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs at Super Bowl Sunday — boosted interest in the NFL and was responsible for recruiting a new group of pro football fans.

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Here’s a new statistic about the NFL’s meteoric rise: 20% of 2024 Super Bowl viewers said they supported Kelce because of his relationship with the global superstar, according to a snap survey conducted by consumer research firm Numerator. Chiefs. The poll was conducted after the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in overtime.

Overall, 48% of viewers surveyed said they were rooting for the Chiefs, while 37% were rooting for the 49ers and 13% did not support any team (the remainder fell into the “don’t know” category).

However, Swift is also a polarizing figure among NFL fans, some of whom somehow view her as a “distraction.” In response to the statement “I think Taylor Swift is a distraction to the NFL,” 34% of consumers surveyed by Numerator believe she is a “distraction.” The researchers said they “partially” or “fully” agreed; 32% neither agreed nor disagreed; and 34% “partially” or “fully” disagreed.

Chicago-based Numerator said it began surveying nearly 800 U.S. adults aged 18 or older after Super Bowl 58 to gauge perceptions of the game, advertising and celebrations.

Other findings from Numerator’s Super Bowl 58 “fast-paced” survey:

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