Sony and Apple offer six months of free Apple Music to PS5 owners

Apple and Sony offer PS5 owners a promotional offer that allows them to enjoy ad-free access Apple Music streaming service for up to six monthsThe offer is available to new Apple Music customers and “qualified returning” customers through November 15, 2024, and can be activated by simply downloading and logging into the Apple Music app on any PS5 model. After the initial six months, Americans will pay $10.99 per month (the standard price for individual Apple Music memberships) to continue using the service.

PS5 owners who take up this offer aren’t limited to streaming Apple Music from their console. Once your six-month trial begins, you can listen to your music on any supported device, including Windows, Android phones, and all Apple devices.You can find the full list of participating countries and territories where this offer runs On the PlayStation website.

The transaction follows Six months of Apple TV Plus promotion Apple and Sony launched the service back in 2021, and may appeal to gamers who like to enjoy curated playlists while playing their favorite PS5 games. If you’ve never tried a music streaming service and want to try Apple Music for free, this is a good opportunity to try Apple Music for free to see how it compares to competing offerings like Spotify Premium.

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