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March 6, 2024

When it comes to taking advantage of these sleep benefits, going to bed at the right time is only half the equation.You’ll also want to maximize the amount of time you sleep, especially later in the evening sleep stages Where most rest and recovery happens.But maintaining deep sleep can be a challenge for many of us, especially light sleeper People who live in noisy areas, have lingering stress in bed, or have small children.

While popular Sleep aids such as melatonin It may make you feel tired, but may not necessarily improve your overall sleep quality.That’s why mbg set out to develop a sleep supplement that can help you fall asleep faster and Sleep until morning. *Meet Sleep Support+—A combination of Magnesium Bisglycinate, PharmaGABA®, and Dates designed to enhance natural sleep quality and promote a steady state of relaxation throughout the night. *

Don’t worry: This science-backed supplement is effective, but not so strong that it makes you fall asleep to the sound of your alarm clock or your baby’s cries. *Instead, this powerful yet gentle blend will have you waking up, taking care of things, and falling asleep easily. *

Here, 15 people share how Sleep Support+ helps them achieve the deep, stable sleep of their dreams. *

“I wake up less and less.”

“I take a lot of sleep supplements, but this one really helps get me to sleep through the night. I wake up less often and my sleep feels more restorative.”*

“Helps me fall asleep and stay asleep”

“I do like Sleep Support+. It really helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. I don’t wake up feeling groggy. I have recommended this product to many friends and family.”*

“When I wake up, I can go back to sleep”

“I never write reviews but I have to say this has helped my sleep a lot. I only take one capsule at night and that seems to be enough for me. I still wake up sometimes during the night but I will Go back to sleep, this is a game changer!”*

“I fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly”

“Before using Sleep Support+, I would wake up multiple times at night and never feel fully rested when I got up for the day. I finally started falling asleep faster instead of waking up, and when I got up in the morning, I felt rested Works great. I absolutely love this product and give it my highest recommendation. Not only do I sleep better, but good sleep makes my day better.”*

“My sleep is much better”

“My sleep quality is much better and I even sleep well many nights. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I fall back asleep.”*

“Very impressed”

“I’m really impressed with the sleep support. It helped me fall asleep the first night…I’ve been taking magnesium for years with limited success. I’ve also tried many other homeopathic remedies with no success . This combination of sleep support works great for me.”*

“A more restorative sleep cycle”

“Not only can I fall asleep faster, [but] I also experienced a more restorative sleep cycle. Very happy with this product and will definitely be taking it regularly. “*

Noticed the difference from the first night”

“I’ve always considered myself a ‘good sleeper’ person, but as a mom, I thought waking up through the night was normal. Fast forward to now, my kids are grown and married, and I’m still staying up all night Wake up. Support+ provided me with a complete, wonderful sleep. I noticed a difference on the first night.”*

I saw the difference immediately

“I added Sleep Support+ to my nightly routine and saw an immediate difference. I slept deeply and woke up well rested. I have tried CBD and melatonin but like this better! I Love restful sleep, but also love to refuel my sleep. Provide vitamins and nutrients to my body.”*

“put me to sleep”

“I love this sleep aid! I don’t usually have trouble falling asleep, but I do wake up easily. It keeps me asleep and doesn’t make it difficult when I need to get up.”*

“Let me sleep peacefully”

“I believe this helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. My husband sometimes works at night and I have trouble sleeping when he’s not around. This formula promotes the relaxation needed for a restful night’s sleep. Give it a try!”*

“Wake up feeling refreshed”

“I’m so excited and impressed with how this worked for me. I took it 2 and a half to an hour before bed and slept through the night! I woke up refreshed and ready for the day. Prepare.”*

“I woke up feeling rested.”

“Love this product. I take it about an hour before bed. Best of all, it helps me stay asleep and I wake up feeling rested.”*

“good results”

“This works great. I can sleep continuously throughout the night. Even if I wake up and need to use the bathroom, I fall back asleep almost immediately.”*

“For the first time in years I feel rested”

“The best part is, it even helps me fall asleep quickly when my kids inevitably wake me up. I’m finally feeling rested in years, and I couldn’t be more grateful that it’s there.”*

If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medications, consult your doctor before starting a daily supplementation routine. When considering which supplement is right for you, it’s best to talk to your healthcare provider.

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