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Yes, this is a golf tournament. (Christian Peterson/Getty Images)

For years, the WM Phoenix Open has been a bucket-list destination for fans and a place of laughter for the pros, where the otherwise tranquil game of golf transforms into the gathering place for college football weekends. Because it’s going to be a loud, chaotic, unruly party. But this year, the party seems to have escaped any kind of containment, and quite a few pros aren’t embracing it.

Saturday is traditionally the craziest day of the event, and it was no different this year.The event suspended alcohol sales and Doors closed to newcomerswatch Saturday’s scene and you’ll understand why:

One fan decided to take a closer look at a sand pit:

the following friday A fan was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries After falling from the stands.

The players gritted their teeth and dealt with the raucous crowd as best they could, often with a combination of humor and resignation. “It was awesome. There were definitely some people who weren’t the best drinkers, but for the most part it was positive and the atmosphere was fun,” Sahith Theegala said Saturday. “You do have to stop something at some point. That’s for sure.”

But on Sunday, the crowd seemed to reach another level, this time reaching deep into the hearts of the players. Former Ryder Cup captain Zach Johnson admonished the crowd at one hole: “I’m just tired of it,” he said, apparently referring to someone yelling. “Shut up.” “

Billy Horschel threw a football with fans at the famous 16th hole on Saturday, and fans yelled as partner Nicolo Galletti took a swing on Sunday At that time, he lost his temper:

Controversial Jordan Spieth had his own issues with the crowd, but the chirping didn’t affect at least one of his shots:

The WM Phoenix Open remains one of the most high-profile events on the PGA Tour, but players will likely have a say in determining the event’s future.

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