Serial killer jailed for 40 years fights for clemency after being named suspect in 1974 cold case murder

A serial killer who has been on death row for nearly 40 years was embroiled in a murder case that has been unsolved by California authorities for decades as the Idaho Parole Board on Wednesday considered whether he should still be executed.

Convicted murderer Thomas Creech was named a suspect in the 1974 shooting of Daniel Walker on the sidelines of Interstate 40 in California on Wednesday was shot in the truck.

Walker’s 21-year-old passenger managed to escape and flag down a passing car, but Walker died from his injuries.

As the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office investigated the case, it spent years trying to “find any viable lead” to solve the cold case. authorities said.

The agency said the Sheriff’s Cold Case Unit resumed the investigation in November and gained additional information about the murder, ultimately leading to Creech. Creech is currently in an Idaho prison after being convicted of five other murders.

The Sheriff’s Office said California detectives worked with Idaho prosecutors to corroborate “intimate” details in Creech’s account of Daniel’s murder.

Thomas Creech has been on death row for nearly 50 years. idaho federal defense force

He was convicted of three homicides in Idaho, California and Oregon.

Creech has been imprisoned for nearly 50 years, during which time he has avoided 11 scheduled executions. According to the Idaho Statesman . He is the longest-serving inmate on Idaho’s death row.

Prosecutors initially decided to execute Creech after he beat 23-year-old inmate David Dale Jensen to death in 1981 at an Idaho prison. Creech had been serving four life sentences at the time of the beating.

The serial killer has been convicted of five murders.
The serial killer has been convicted of five murders. Idaho Department of Corrections

The state’s parole board met last week to discuss whether Creech, 73, seeking clemency should have his sentence reduced from death to life in prison.

“I regret everything I did wrong,” Creech told the parole board. The Statesman reports. “I’m not the same person I used to be. Maybe I didn’t deserve mercy at all. But I think I have a lot to offer people.”

But the Ada County Prosecutor’s Office reportedly considers him a “sociopath” and in press release It was emphasized that Creech admitted to committing nearly 40 murders.

“If his sentence is reduced, he will be returned to the general prison population where he will have greater access to inmates, thereby putting them at risk,” the prosecutor’s office said in a news release.

The office also said that “seeking the death penalty in a capital case is not a decision that any prosecutor’s office would make lightly.”

Deborah Czuba, one of Creech’s attorneys at the Idaho-based nonprofit Federal Defender Service, told the Statesman that Wednesday’s statement did not provide “any real evidence.”

“Somehow, these details now make Mr Creech a new suspect in a crime that has never been linked to him, despite repeated efforts to link him as early as 1975,” Czuba is reported to have said. , a team of federal and local law enforcement officials were determined to prove his fantasy of committing 50 murders.”

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