Senegal v Ivory Coast: Africa Cup of Nations Round of 16 – Live

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Sarr goals: Senegal 2-1 Ivory Coast

The technology is great! It’s high and medium.

Pepe scores: Senegal 1-1 Ivory Coast

The ball flew to the lower left corner. Mendy was heading in the right direction but just out of reach.

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Koulibaly scores: Senegal 1-0 Ivory Coast

Senegal were the first to step up, with the captain launching the attack. He scored with a quick run-up, but he chose to pass the ball from the right, and Fofana headed the ball in the wrong direction.

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Last night, the penalty shootout between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Egypt ended 8-7. Let’s see if this takes as long.

Before the game started, the referee talked to both goalkeepers.

Heaven Contact via email:

Even as an avid Nigerian fan I really enjoyed this match…it was a stone cold classic either way…I wish I was in a bar in Abidjan soaking in this right now The atmosphere… the quality is huge…

Me too! My nerves were on edge though, like on penalties.

There is a lot of pressure on both sides. Senegal will be eliminated in the round of 16, which will be a terrible performance for the defending champions. Ivory Coast will be hoping to cross the finish line in front of their loyal fans after a poor performance in the group stages.

End of overtime: Senegal 1-1 Ivory Coast

Wow! We’re in a penalty shootout!

120+2 minutes: near! Pepe played a wonderful pass to Haller in front of goal, but the striker struggled under pressure from Koulibaly.

120+1 minutes: The ball came in but Mendy blocked it.

120 minutes: In the second half of overtime, the referee will allow at least two minutes of stoppage time.

115 minutes: Some substitutes are about to come on. But there is a delay. I think the Ivory Coast players/staff are debating who will continue in the penalty shootout. In the end, Xingo replaced Kosunu. Senegal also made a substitution, with Bamba Diondiallo coming on as a substitute.

113 minutes: Start the end-to-end competition now! Ivory Coast had a chance after Coume deflected Kessie’s shot past Haller, but Mendy made a crucial save. Senegal then struck back and Konan ended the attack with minimal touch.

111 minutes: The hosts acted as if they were the defending champions, rather than the team that was in tears after their final group game just a few days ago. But this Senegalese team is clinical. It only takes a moment.

109 minutes: Good balls from Adingra and Haller were lurking, but the striker was behind Mendy, who came out to receive the ball.

106 minutes: Aurier’s cross found not Haller’s head but the arm of a supporter in row Z. He smiled and apologized. Neither team looked like they were fighting for penalties, but we definitely saw some tired legs.

Second half of overtime: Senegal 1-1 Ivory Coast

Both sides have one last chance to score in an aerial battle. Otherwise we will take a penalty kick.

105+1 minutes: What a great save! Mane crossed and he was one-on-one with Fofana, but the goalkeeper stretched out and blocked him. A huge, huge, huge moment! This was the last kick of the first half of overtime.

102 minutes: Fofana is okay. Senegal took a corner kick, Coulibaly headed the ball towards Diallo, and Diallo tried to kick with one foot. Nice shot, but not on target.

100 minutes: Fofana misjudged the cross and crashed into the post. This was an unfortunate accident and the goalkeeper is receiving medical treatment.

99 minutes: The atmosphere was quite jovial, but now when Senegal had the ball, the boos started to ring out. When the ball went out of bounds, the cheers were equally deafening. Fans definitely smelled blood.

97 minutes: Shot missed! Aurier’s long-range shot beat Mendy and only whizzed past the far post. It looked like he thought it was a goal for a second before realizing it. Senegal is under pressure at the moment.

96 minutes: I Sarr, who was yet to play his best game, came on as a substitute for his club teammate Ndiaye.

95 minutes: Aurier was booked for tackling Mane. This has already happened.

94 minutes: Adingla received the ball from Koulibaly and the ball opened the door for him! But alas, despite being open, the shot was poor. He could have done better.

92 minutes: Sarr received the ball near the penalty area, but he was already offside.

First half of overtime: Senegal 1-1 Ivory Coast

How much fighting power do these two sides have?

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Let’s go through some emails while we both regroup!

Kari earlier recounted Senegal’s risky behavior in defending a one-goal lead via email, writing:

Senegal still seems more likely to advance, but on the balance of play they should be two or three goals ahead. Aliou Cisse, who I greatly admire, has allowed momentum to slip away from his team in favor of Ivory Coast. Now the Lions of Teranga are in danger of failing to reach the quarter-finals for the reigning African champions for a long time.

I tend to agree. There were times, especially in the first half, when Senegal chose to slow down the game as if they were a few goals ahead. In many ways, this is a masterclass in defense, but it has shown how to balance it all.

Jon has his say:

I strongly support Cote d’Ivoire. I want the hosts to go as far as possible. The atmosphere looks fantastic and I think if they continue it will be a real boost.

The stadium has been buzzing with noise and pride since kick-off. I do agree that the excitement would go down if the home team was eliminated. But they have to win!

End of 90 minutes: Senegal 1-1 Ivory Coast

The whistle sounded, but not full time yet, we entered overtime!

90+6 minutes: Gueye’s shot went wide and took a corner kick. Can Senegal find the winning goal in the dying seconds? They can’t. The ball was too wide and it sailed out the other end of the pitch.

90+3 minutes: Ivory Coast wins a free kick. Earlier in the game, they were unable to capitalize on set pieces due to a lack of height. But now Haller is in the elephant box…

Pepe shoots, but the ball is too deep and the opportunity is wasted.

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