Sean Payton says it’s ‘realistic’ for Broncos to trade away from No. 12 pick to draft quarterback

Sean Payton enters his second year starting denver broncos The head coach, speaking at Monday’s AFC Coaches Breakfast, gave everyone a preview of what’s in store for the Broncos over the next month as the 2024 NFL Draft approaches: Movement.

When NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport asked Payton how realistic it would be for the Broncos to become a promoted team, Payton’s answer made Broncos fans’ hearts flutter.

“Practical,” Payton said.

The Broncos currently sit at No. 12 in the draft, which would be great if they already had a starting quarterback.But only after two years of trading Russell WilsonAfter that, Denver decided to move on and release him. As it stands, the quarterback competition in training camp will be between. Jarrett Stidham and Ben Dinuccithe only quarterback currently on Denver’s roster.

LAS VEGAS, NV - JANUARY 7: Denver Broncos head coach Sean · Payton. The Raiders defeated the Broncos 27-14.  (Photo by Candace Ward/Getty Images)

Broncos head coach Sean Payton told the AFC Coaches Breakfast that Denver’s trades in the draft are “realistic” (Photo by Candace Ward/Getty Images)

Unless one of them suddenly decides to become tom brady 2.0, neither of them are likely to lead the Broncos to the promised land. So with the initial influx of free agents, Payton said the Broncos are looking at the draft as a way to address their quarterback situation. Pick No. 12 isn’t going to get the Broncos the caliber of quarterback they want, and trading up is the only way to go.

Payton even gave a clue as to which draft pick the Broncos might choose.

“It’s nice to be Monty now,” Payton said, Refers arizona cardinals General Manager Monty Ossenfort.The Cardinals have the fourth pick in the draft and Kyler Murray As their long-term quarterback, they will likely trade for a slew of draft picks.

This will cost the Broncos a lot in future drafts, probably something like San Francisco 49ers Spend traded up to the third pick in 2021: three first-round picks and a third-round pick. But if Denver believes they can draft a franchise quarterback to stabilize their increasingly inconsistent team, it might be worth it.

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