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Sean “Diddy’s” accuser names Cooper Gooding Jr. in sexual assault lawsuit. Everything we know.

Music producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones sued Sean “Diddy” Combs for sexual assault and harassment in February. Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. has been added to the lawsuit.

🚨 What just happened?

March 25—same day Two Coombs properties raided Jones’ complaint filed in federal court against Coombs and multiple associates amid an ongoing sex trafficking investigation was amended to add Jerry Maguire The actor serves as a co-defendant.

Jones claimed in the lawsuit, originally filed on Feb. 26, that Gooding, who won the Oscar in 1997, sexually harassed and assaulted him on Combs’ yacht. Jones’ allegations against Gooding were unchanged in the indictment. What has changed is that Gooding is now named as a co-defendant.

🗓️ How did we get here?

Last month, Jones, who produced Combs’ 2023 album, File explosive lawsuit The case against Combs and several associates alleges that Combs forced him to solicit sex workers, including minors, and engage in unwanted sexual conduct. The producers claimed that some sex workers were given drugs at Combs’ direction and that at one point, Jones woke up to Combs and two sex workers naked and delirious in a bed, which he believed He was drugged.

Jones’ lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of New York, also accuses Combs of “tricking him into passing him off to his friends.” He claims one of those friends was Gooding, who allegedly sexually harassed and assaulted him.

The alleged incident occurred on Combs’ yacht, which was chartered between December 2022 and January 2023, when Combs brought Gooding into the studio and told him to “get to know” Jones, Leave these two alone. Jones claims Gooding began “touching, groping and caressing his legs, inner thighs near his groin, back near his hips and shoulders.” Jones said he resisted the advances, but Gooding apparently persisted until Jones “forcefully pushed him Turn on.” A screenshot of the video purportedly showing Gooding putting his arm around Jones.

Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Sean P. Diddy Combs at the launch event for Loon's self-titled debut album in New York City, USA.  (Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sean Combs were together in 2013. (Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

The amended lawsuit now names Gooding as a defendant, along with Combs, Combs’ son Justin, Sean Combs’ Love Records, Motown Records and Universal Music Group. A representative for Gooding has not yet responded to Yahoo Entertainment’s request for comment.

Jones, a self-proclaimed musical prodigy who taught himself 13 instruments, said he received a call from Combs’ team in September 2022 to produce the piece Love Album: Off the Grid.He worked with Combs from September 2022 to September 2023, producing the nine songs that appear on the album. Jones said that during that time, he and Combs lived together for several months and “spent vacations, birthdays, and missed major family events.” During that time, Jones said, he also celebrated drug acquisitions and the use, display and distribution of unregistered illegal firearms and other unnamed rappers engaging in interactions with underage girls and sex workers.

On the day that Combs’ homes in Miami and Los Angeles were raided by the Department of Homeland Security in connection with an ongoing sex trafficking investigation, Jones amended his complaint for the second time.Combs charged with sex trafficking ex-girlfriend Cassie October and a Jane Anonymous In November, two other women came forward in a lawsuit alleging sexual assault.

Sean Combs maintains his innocence and calls the accusations “pure fiction.” settled his lawsuit and Cassie.

⚖️Gooding’s previous legal dramas

The lawsuit states that Gooding “is a relevant actor who has fallen out of favor due to several sexual assault lawsuits and a recent guilty plea to sexual assault.”

Gooding’s final years have been plagued by legal drama. In 2022, he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge. Forced touching Avoid jail time in a New York City nightclub. He is accused of assaulting three different women at three different nightclubs in Manhattan between 2018 and 2019. Prosecutors in the case said 30 women came forward with molestation charges against him.

In June, he reached last minute settlement In 2013, she had sex with a woman named Jane Doe, who accused him of raping her in a New York City hotel room. When the deal was struck, she filed a civil lawsuit against him and the case was about to begin jury selection.

November, before New York Adult Survivors Act Expired, Guding was hit Two sexual assault civil lawsuitsKelsey Harbert claims she approached Gooding to meet him at a Magic Hour rooftop bar and lounge in New York City in 2018. Gooding reached out and grabbed Harbert’s thighs and breasts in front of Gooding’s girlfriend. Harbert reported the incident to police within a week. event.

Another defendant is Jasmine MonasteryCocktail waitress at LAVO restaurant and nightclub. In 2018, she was assigned to Gooding’s table and claimed that when she brought her drink to his table, Gooding forced his tongue into her mouth without her consent.

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