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Sean “Diddy” Combs’ home was raided as part of an ongoing sex trafficking investigation. Here’s what we know.

Federal agents raided two properties owned by Sean “Diddy” Combs on Monday. This is related to an incident. Ongoing sex trafficking investigationAccording to the Associated Press.

🚨 What just happened?

Video and images circulated Monday afternoon showing federal Homeland Security Investigators and other law enforcement officials Look for The music mogul’s properties in Los Angeles and Miami.

Represents Combs, accused of sex trafficking by ex-girlfriend Cassie and a Jane Anonymous Late last year, there was no comment yet. New York’s Department of Homeland Security Investigations told Yahoo Entertainment that it “took enforcement action as part of an ongoing investigation.” Law enforcement sources told multiple news outlets that Combs is a federal sex trafficking target. investigation. The warrant was issued in the Southern District of New York.

Law enforcement sources said investigators seized the cellphone of Combs, also known as Diddy, in Miami ahead of a planned trip to the Bahamas by Bad Boy Records executives. nbc news.Combs was photographed Walking around Miami Opa Locka Airport Monday afternoon. It’s unclear whether he will make the trip.

Law enforcement officers stand behind a police tape as members of the media work outside a property linked to hip-hop star Sean Combs.

Reporters gather outside Combs’ home in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles (Carlin Stiehl/Reuters)

Video outside Combs’ Los Angeles mansion shows two men – later identified as Justin and Christian “King” Combs, the rapper’s two sons – being locked outside.

Federal officials reportedly interviewed four women and one man on charges of sex trafficking, sexual assault and soliciting and distributing illegal narcotics and firearms. rolling stonesInterviews with three more people have been scheduled.

Homeland Security Investigators showed up at Sean Combs' doorstep in Miami.Homeland Security Investigators showed up at Sean Combs' doorstep in Miami.

Combs’ estate in Star Island, Miami, was also raided. (Giorgio Viera/AFP via Getty Images)

Douglas Wigdor, an attorney representing Cassie and the Jane Doe accusers, said in a statement to the media: “We will always support law enforcement when they seek to prosecute those who broke the law. Hopefully this is the beginning of a process. , will hold Mr. Coombs accountable for his depraved behavior.”

Attorney Tyrone Blackburn, representing two other Combs plaintiffs, music producers Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones and Lisa Gardner — also issued a statement to Rolling Stone, saying: “The damn time has come. Sometimes, justice delayed does not mean justice denied, as long as justice eventually comes.”

A law enforcement officer carries a bag of evidence to a van as federal agents stand at the entrance to a property owned by rapper Sean Combs. A law enforcement officer carries a bag of evidence to a van as federal agents stand at the entrance to a property owned by rapper Sean Combs.

Law enforcement officers outside Combs’ Miami home. (Rebecca Blackwell/AP Photo)

🗓️ How did we get here?

In November, singer, model and actress Cassie, who was in a relationship with Combs for more than a decade, filed an explosive lawsuit against him, accusing him of rape, abuse and sex trafficking. He denies the accusations. after one day, Ex settles lawsuitthe case was filed in New York based on New York Adult Survivors Act.Terms were not disclosed.

This opened the floodgates. Three other women have filed suit against Combs in the Southern District of New York, alleging they were sexually assaulted by the “I’m Gonna Miss You” singer. Two of the women said they were teenagers at the time.One of the women involved in the charges gang rapedidi Deny the accusation In a statement, he insisted he “did not do any of the horrific things he is accused of”.

In February of this year, Jones, a producer who worked for Combs from 2022 to 2023, sued him, accusing Combs of sexually harassing, drugging and threatening him. Jones claimed that Combs and others “engaged in serious illegal activity” while he was living and traveling, which Combs called “pure fiction.”

As a result of the allegations, Didi – a father of seven – Step down Serves as chairman of media network Revolt. Hulu abandons plans reality series about his family.

⚖️Combs’ previous legal troubles

Combs has had run-ins with authorities in the past. Year 1999, he was arrested Attack on Interscope Records CEO Steve Stoute in music video.He felt guilty about the abatement of the harassment charges and was Sentenced To one day anger management.

That same year, Combs faced weapons and bribery charges after he and his then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez were pulled over after fleeing a New York City nightclub where a shooting occurred and a gun was found in the car. But was acquired.

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