Screen Actors Guild’s strike agreement reaches final stage

Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) tentative agreement reached Cooperation with Hollywood studio executives effectively ended Actors strike for 118 daysyesterday, SAG-AFTRA Announces Its national committee approved the agreement by a vote of 86% to 14% and recommended that union members vote to ratify it.

The agreement technically still awaits a vote by union members on Dec. 5, but the association said some of its features, such as certain pay increases, will take effect during the ratification process. In its announcement, SAG-AFTRA:

deadline report The National Council’s 86% approval rating was not as high as expected, and due to the Guild’s voting system, it is unclear how many people voted against it.

Drescher discussed The protracted negotiations that led to the deal were revealed at a press conference yesterday. She detailed the back-and-forth process in which the Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance continued to reject the association’s demands. She said the studio “heard something was going on” that had to be done or it wouldn’t end well. So they’re working internally to come up with some kind of model that works for all studios – a bonus structure.

Drescher went on to say that while the Guild “knew it wasn’t going to accomplish what we needed to accomplish,” she had to “get my head around the fact that if we’re going to go into another area, we need to make this work.” “Ultimately, what matters is that we got into another pocket and we did it. I have to… focus on that and not be the perfect enemy of good,” she said.

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