Save 66% on a lifetime subscription to this AI speech-to-text tool

Long story short: lifetime subscription Voicetapp AI speech-to-text transcription Priced at £48.34, a saving of 66% on list price.

Sometimes, reading is easier than listening. For online students, this may mean checking transcripts for virtual classes. For professionals, this might mean studying minutes from meetings you missed. If you want to be able to enjoy this level of ease in processing almost any audio file, use Voicetapp. Artificial Intelligence Powered Speech-to-Text Transcription Tool Convert your audio files into readable, searchable text. Just £48.34 for life.

If you’re still writing notes by hand, it’s time to upgrade. Voicetapp can be used to transcribe pre-recorded audio files or you can use it in real time. Students can upload audio from a class and get a transcript, or in-students can record their teacher and review what they said later. This can be a great convenience and can also be a useful convenience for people who are hard of hearing.

There are some differences between live streaming and pre-recorded files that Voicetapp can do. Live broadcast, it can understand 12 different languages.For audio files, it can Manage up to 170+ languages ​​and dialects.You can even use speaker recognition to pick up to five different speakers in your audio.

Supported file formats include MP3, OGG, WAV, WEBM and MP4. You may notice that two of these are video file formats. If you like movies with subtitles, Voicetapp can build them for you.

Your subscription comes with 12 hours of audio welcome credit, then 5 hours per month for life.

When you can get your written transcript later, don’t waste time listening to every word. Voicetapp AI speech to text Just £48.34 for life.


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