Save 66% on a 3-year subscription to this powerful VPN

Long story short: Three-year subscription Advertising Guardian On sale for £24.16, a saving of 89% on the list price.

Online threats can be a big problem, but there are many things you can do to help protect your privacy online and improve your online security at home or on the go.One of the simplest cybersecurity tools you can get that can have a huge impact is a VPN. If you want a reliable VPN for you and the whole family, try this AdGuard three-year subscription packageThis low-cost subscription package comes with VPN for single users and the entire household, with the entire product priced at £24.16.

As many as 47% of American adults have experienced Personal information leaked by cybercriminals, but you don’t need to be an IT expert to help protect yourself. This AdGuard bundle comes with two subscriptions, one for individual users with up to 10 devices and one for households with up to 5 devices.

The Personal plan gives you access to Topnotch VPN, a zero-log VPN with servers in 60 locations around the world. Without geographical restrictions, you can enjoy online streaming services anonymously.

Advertisements are annoying, but they can also be dangerous. Often, the simple solution to malicious ads is to turn on an ad blocker or not click on them, but if you have a family with younger browsers at home, you may not be as diligent. You can install a VPN on up to five mobile and desktop devices and Ad blocker.

Once installed, AdGuard automatically starts improving your security by blocking web requests from dangerous websites, helping you prevent tracking mechanisms, blocking ads on all browsers and apps, and blocking your IP address. No online security tool is 100% safe, but this one can go a long way in helping your whole family stay safe online.

Both subscriptions are available to new users only and are valid for three years.Get this content AdGuard three-year subscription package Price £24.16.

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