Satya Nadella calls Taylor Swift’s apparent AI fakery ‘shocking and terrifying’

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella responds to controversy AI-generated sexually explicit images of Taylor Swift.In an interview NBC Nightly News On the show, which will air next Tuesday, Nadella called the proliferation of non-consensual simulated nudity “shocking and horrific” and told interviewer Lester Holt, “I think we need to move quickly on this. Take action.”

In a transcript distributed by NBC ahead of the Jan. 30 show, Holt asked Nadella to react to fakes on the Internet, saying, “I highlight false, sexually explicit images of Taylor Swift.” Nadella’s response managed to open a few cans of tech policy. worms, while rarely talking about them – which is not surprising when no foolproof solution is in sight.

I want to say two things: One, again, I go back to what I think is our responsibility, which is that we need to put all the guardrails around technology in order to produce safer content. And there’s still a lot of work to be done. A lot of work has been done there. But it’s about global, social – you know, I would say, convergence of certain norms. What we can do – especially when you have legal, law enforcement and technology platforms that can come together – I think there’s a lot more we can govern than we think – we believe in ourselves.

Microsoft may have something to do with fake Swift images. A 404 media Report Indicates that they are from the Telegram-based non-consensual porn production community, which recommends using the Microsoft Designer image generator. Designer theoretically refuses to generate celebrity images, but AI generator easily confusedand 404 Discover that you can break its rules by making small adjustments to the prompt. While this doesn’t prove that Designer is being used for Swift graphics, it’s a technical flaw that Microsoft can address.

However, artificial intelligence tools have a large number of processes for creating real and fake nude bodies. make the fur fly for those Far less powerful and famous than SwiftControlling their production isn’t as simple as asking big companies to tighten guardrails.Even if major “tech giant” platforms like Microsoft are locked down, people can retrain open tools like stable diffusion to Make NSFW images Just try make things harderThere may be far fewer users accessing these generators, but Swift shows how the work of a small community can spread widely.

There are other stop-gap measures – such as social networks limiting the scope of non-consensual images, or, apparently, vigilante justice perpetrated by swift (Does this count as “complying with certain specifications”?) However, Nadella’s only clear plan for now is to get Microsoft’s own artificial intelligence system in order.

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