Sarah Paulson, 48, had a photo of Holland Taylor, 80, on her refrigerator before they started dating

Talk about performance.

Long before Sarah Paulson became a couple, photos of her girlfriend, Holland Taylor, hung in their home.

“I actually had a picture of her on my refrigerator for 10 years before we got together,” the “American Horror Story” star Revealed in “The View” Tuesday.

Paulson, 48, explained that one time she, Taylor, 80, and Allison Janney went out to dinner with the late screenwriter Buck Henry, who took a photo of the three sitting on the roof of a Lamborghini outside the restaurant.

“He took the picture and sent us all copies, and it sat on my refrigerator for 10 years when we moved into our little apartment in West Hollywood. [started dating],” she added.

Sarah Paulson revealed she had a picture of Holland Taylor on her refrigerator before they became a couple.

Co-host Joey Behar then asked Paulson if he had a crush on the “Two and a Half Men” star.

“No, no, I didn’t,” she replied emphatically, before noting that “maybe something is seeping through and I don’t know it.”

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couple Dating started in 2015 and was surprised by their behavior An age gap of nearly 32 years.

The couple has been together for nearly nine years.
movie magic

Paulson admits her Hesitant to talk about their romance People had warned her about the negative press, but the two have long celebrated each other in public.

“I’m excited and blessed to be with someone smarter, wiser, and wittier than me,” she gushed to the View panel.

The American Crime Story star went on to describe Taylor as “helping me become a better person and a more accomplished person, and she also made me feel seen, which I think is the most important gift you can give.” To anyone. “

Paulson feels “very lucky” to be with Taylor.
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In 2021, Paulson posted a black and white photo on Instagram In honor of Taylor’s birthday.

“All roads lead me to this face, those eyes, that soul,” she wrote in the caption. “Quite simply, you are everything to me. Here looking at you, kid. Today. Tomorrow. Forever.” “

The “Practice” star called herself “the luckiest man in the world” when discussing her partner in 2017, adding, “I can’t talk about my life today without mentioning This beautiful love”.

Taylor recently told Page Six that they work because they each follow their own paths.
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taylor recent Open to page six About what made the two click.

“I think we all go our own way, so we’re not all the same,” the “Morning Show” star said earlier this month.

“We do things separately so that each can stay true to what they believe in. She’s more social and I like a little alone time, so I get that. She spends some time with friends instead of with me together, so it’s a good balance.”

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