Samuel Haskell, son of Hollywood executive, charged with murdering wife, in-laws

California man charged Dumping the dismembered torso believed to be his wife’s in a dumpster He was formally charged with murdering her and her parents after prosecutors announced on Monday that they had evidence that he dismembered the victim’s body at their home.

Samuel Haskell IV, the son of a powerful Hollywood executive, is charged with three counts of murder and could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said.

The 35-year-old low-budget horror film director was arrested on suspicion of murder last week after a human torso was found in a bag discarded in a shopping mall dumpster, authorities said.

The accused killer lived in the Tarzana community with his wife Mei Li Haskell, 37, and their three young children, as well as her parents Li Gaoshan, 72, and Wang Yanxiang, 64.

Mellie and her parents were last seen around Nov. 6, the District Attorney’s Office said.

Samuel Haskell IV, the son of a powerful Hollywood executive, has been charged with three counts of murder.
Samuel Haskell Jr./Facebook
In a Facebook photo, Haskell IV is seen holding a gun.
Samuel Haskell Jr./Facebook

Haskell reportedly Four day laborers were hired to carry it. Prosecutors said he had heavy black plastic garbage bags inside his home.

“One of the workers opened one of the bags and allegedly observed human body parts. They called 911 to report the incident,” the DA’s office said.

Although workers returned the trash bag and $500 in cash to Haskell, the trash bag was gone when police arrived.

Haskell’s wife Mellie and her parents are believed to have been killed by her husband.
Samuel Haskell Jr./Instagram

Haskell was later seen on film throwing something into a dumpster in Encino, about five miles from the family’s multimillion-dollar Tarzana home, authorities said.

He was arrested after someone found a woman’s torso while digging through the trash and called 911.

The body parts are suspected to belong to Mellie, but the remains have not yet been identified. According to KNBC.

Mellie and her parents were last seen around Nov. 6, the District Attorney’s Office said.
Associated Press

“We suspect the torso … is that of Mei Haskell,” Deputy District Attorney Beth Silverman said Monday. “To date, no other bodies containing body parts or remains have been found. bag, but I don’t need a body to charge murder.” “

“There was some evidence in the house that he dismembered the body,” Silverman added.

Haskell is the son of Sam Haskell III, the former executive vice president and global head of the William Morris Agency who represented many A-list stars.

The Emmy Award-winning producer retired from the agency in 2005 and is currently listed as president. Magnolia Mountain Productions.

Haskell’s Neighbors told The Washington Post on Monday He is obsessed with katana swords, guns and martial arts.

The alleged killer also made several low-budget horror films that often featured violent fight scenes and a fetish for Asian women.

Haskell appeared before a Los Angeles judge on Monday and his arraignment was postponed until next month.

He remains in jail without bail.

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