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Nigeria Lions go from bronze to gold

Although his trip Orlando, Florida Didn’t get first place Samson Dauda Still impressed the judges enough to win a bronze medal 2023 Mr. Olympia The Nigerian Lion had a strong showing in his second appearance at the Olympia, jumping from sixth to third place and he immediately took the stage again.

Just a week after sharing the podium with Newly crowned champion Derek Lunsford and 2022 Champion Hadi Chupan, Dauda achieved a decisive victory at the 2023 Romanian Pro Muscle Festival. Taking place over the weekend of November 10-12, 2023, competitors from nine of the 11 IFBB Pro League divisions showed off their physiques in Bucharest, Romania, with Dauda taking top honors in the men’s open category.

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Romanian Muscle Festival Pro Category Results 2023

There were nine divisional matches at the 2023 Romanian Pro Muscle Festival, and only one of them ended with a Romanian victory. Here are the full results of the match:

Men’s Open

Going into the competition, most expected Samson Dauda to dominate the men’s open division, and the burly bodybuilder did not disappoint. 2023 Arnold Classic Champion Obtained his second win of the year (and a $10,000 bonus) by defeating his opponent 2022 Romanian Muscle Festival Pro Champion Behrooz Tabani AbarghaniSurprisingly, Nathan DeAsha, who missed out on the biggest bodybuilding show of the year because he was denied entry to the United States, finished in fourth place.

  1. Samson Dauda (U.K)
  2. Behruz Thabani Abagani (Iran)
  3. Marcelo de Angelis Resende (Brazil)
  4. Nathan de Asha (U.K)
  5. Mohamed Fuda (Egypt)
  6. Andrea Presti (Italy)
  7. Alfred Chiriac (Romania)
  8. Vladimir Bieluk (Ukraine)
  9. Jane Turek (Czech Republic)
  10. Kevin Blucher (Germany)
  11. Gianluca di Lorenzo (Italy)
  12. Roberto Buonomo (Italy)
  13. Pavel Cervenka (Czech Republic)
  14. Hamid Juma (Bahrain)
  15. Anton Bips (Denmark)
  16. Pavel Belan (Czech Republic)

212 bodybuilding

Like Dauda, ​​Ahmad Ali Ashkanani had more success playing in Romania than in Florida. The Kuwaiti finished fifth in the Olympia 212 category ahead of Giuseppe Zagarella to secure a spot at the 2024 Olympia. Radoslav Angelov finished second and third respectively.

  1. Ahmed Ali Ashkanani (Kuwait)
  2. Giuseppe Zagarella (Italy)
  3. Radoslav Angelov (Bulgaria)
  4. Alexandru Vasily Uta (Romania)
  5. Lucas Garcia (Brazil)
  6. David Knotta (Poland)
  7. Daniel Vasilika (Romania)
  8. Vincent Alliot (France)
  9. Junior Pagula (Brazil)
  10. Morad Zahir (Morocco)
  11. Victor Eric Lopez Garcia (Mexico)
  12. vincent santa maria (Spain)

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classic physique

Wesley Vissers, who already won the 2023 European Pro Championship in September, won his second Pro Show title of the year. The classic physique competitor finished seventh at the 2023 Olympics and will look to improve on that performance on October 10 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 10-13, 2024.

  1. Wesley Weathers (Netherlands)
  2. Ruben Lopez Reyes (Spain)
  3. Alexander Westmeier (Germany)
  4. Sebastian Terrell (France)
  5. Ali Shams Gamal (Iran)
  6. George Achapon (Denmark)
  7. Nicolás Alberto Concepcion (the Philippines)
  8. Muhammad Mohammadov (Bulgaria)
  9. Chris Pistoras (Greece)
  10. Pekka Kotiboja (Finland)
  11. Milos Stojanovic (Serbia)
  12. Francesco della Vedova (Italy)
  13. Carol Rogachevski (Poland)
  14. Luc Andre Steinke (Germany)
  15. Fernando Gonals Magor (Spain)
  16. Alberto Milani (Italy)

Men’s Physique

Miroslav Juricek took the stage for the first time since the 2022 Warsaw Pro Series and made the most of his return by sweeping the first place votes. The native of the Czech Republic will therefore make his Olympia debut next year.

  1. Miroslav Yuricek (Czech Republic)
  2. Zeik de Oliveira (USA)
  3. Fulker (turkey)
  4. muhammad ali (Austria)
  5. Jeffrey Darko (U.K)
  6. Alessandro Cavaniola (Italy)
  7. Mauro Fialho (Spain)
  8. Alexandra Panek (Romania)
  9. Alessandro Colacci (Italy)
  10. Andrea Amato (Italy)
  11. Andrea Antonelli (Italy)
  12. Giuseppe Riservato (Italy)
  13. Jaime Marceau Lopez (Spain)
  14. Hamad Aldossery (Bahrain)
  15. Oscar Choszewski (Poland)
  16. Mishal Alhassan (Saudi Arabia)—tied for 16th place
  17. Aryan Ali (Germany) – tied for 16th place
  18. Nasreddin Boakuk (Algeria)—tied for 16th place
  19. Nikolay Rushkov (Bulgaria)—tied for 16th place
  20. Jose Luis Rivas (Spain)—tied for 16th place

women’s bodybuilding

Leyvina Rodrigues Barros cemented her place as one of the top female bodybuilders in the world with a well-deserved victory in the women’s bodybuilding category thanks to her well-balanced physique. She finished well outside the top ten in her Olympia debut in 2022 and hopes to move up the rankings in the 2024 competition.

  1. Levina Rodriguez Barros (Brazil)
  2. Anastasia Korableva (Romania)
  3. Tiana Flex (South Africa)
  4. Meera Ash (USA)
  5. Barbara de Freitas Moujan (Brazil)
  6. Harjit Saindlis (Israel)
  7. Jacqueline Fox (Switzerland)
  8. Victoria Kernis (UAE)
  9. Gemma Lancaster (U.K)
  10. Ivana Dvorakova (Czech Republic)
  11. Simon Ellis (U.K)

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women’s fitness

Raluca Raducu, representing Romania, narrowly defeated runner-up Caroline Alves Dos Santos to win the women’s gymnastics title. The IFBB pro clinched his ticket to the 2024 Olympia by one point.

  1. Laluca Raduku (Romania)
  2. Caroline Alves dos Santos (Brazil)
  3. Sahar Rahmani (Iran)
  4. Natalia Bystrova (Russia)
  5. Sylvia Quattro Martinez (Spain)
  6. Julia Grachicheva (Russia)
  7. Joe Kelly (U.K)
  8. Modesta Halbi (Denmark)
  9. Marina Cassinopoulou (Cyprus)
  10. Emilia Matic (Canada)
  11. Tanya Chartrand (Canada)
  12. Petra Ostwald (Switzerland)
  13. Danny Jacob de Combe (Switzerland)
  14. Christina Kremser (Austria)
  15. Sarah Clare (Australia)
  16. Emilia Balkova (Bulgaria)—tied for 16th place
  17. Tatiana Brut (Türkiye) – tied for 16th place
  18. Christina Chatty (Spain)—tied for 16th place
  19. Diana Hristova (Bulgaria)—tied for 16th place
  20. Lisa Kuzaman (Austria) – tied for 16th place
  21. Laura Pisola (UK) – tied for 16th place
  22. Natalia Spearings (UK) – tied for 16th place


Tereza Linhartova, who was the runner-up at the Romanian Professional Muscle Festival after two years, won the championship in the character category. Her superior physique and posing skills gave her a decisive advantage over Romania’s Stefana Sandu.

  1. Teresa Linhatova (Czech Republic)
  2. Stefana Sandu (Romania)
  3. Godwin rejoices (Spain)
  4. Jennifer Reese (Canada)
  5. Jennifer Zienert (Germany)
  6. Sonya Ivanov (Germany)
  7. Diane Aparecida Freitas (Brazil)
  8. Maria Ignacia Mas Delgado (Spain)
  9. Veronica Gallego Garcia (Spain)
  10. Anna Kochka (Ukraine)
  11. Bernardz Nasrallahi Azar (Germany)
  12. Charlotte Gubet (France)
  13. Helen Zavisanu Pistoras (Greece)
  14. Yadwiga Zakulina (Russia)
  15. Maria Ignacia Mas Delgado (Brazil)
  16. Rem Albarik (Bahrain) – tied for 16th place
  17. Vanessa Harpur (Germany) – tied for 16th place
  18. Cristina Araujo Silva (Spain)—tied for 16th place
  19. Lubomila Stevcheva (Bulgaria)—tied for 16th place


Alice Marchisio achieved her goal of winning gold after finishing second at the 2023 Olympus Italia Pro in October. Her first professional win gave her a chance to compete at the Olympia.

  1. Alice Marchisio (Italy)
  2. Valeria Fedorenko (Ukraine)
  3. Judita Tarkani (Italy)
  4. Dorothea Zoe Toth (Hungary)
  5. Kerry Sexton (U.K)
  6. Rania Stamatiado (Greece)
  7. Irene Iravedra Kunaro (Spain)
  8. Violetta Palamachuk (Ukraine)
  9. Lorena Blanco (Spain)
  10. Andrea Sally (Switzerland)
  11. Luca Catet (Hungary)
  12. Sara Luza Rogacy (Hungary)
  13. marla caro (Germany)
  14. Natalia Kusari (Greece)
  15. Alexandra Duba (Poland)
  16. Johanna Doerr (Germany) – tied for 16th place
  17. Noemi Lavaca (Italy) – tied for 16th place
  18. Anna Sarup (Denmark) – tied for 16th place

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Even though Gisele Machado was one of the last contestants to compete, she still proved that she is still a force to be reckoned with in the fitness department. The Brazilian bodybuilder earned unanimous first place votes in lopsided fashion to win her fourth professional competition of 2023. Although she didn’t compete at the 2023 Olympia, Machado should be on stage in Las Vegas in 2024.

  1. Gisele Machado (Brazil)
  2. Paula Dominguez (Spain)
  3. Sandra Colorado Akar (Spain)
  4. Claudia Vanessa Kusuri (Ukraine)
  5. Dayora Devionette (Lithuania)
  6. Lexi Oliver (Italy)
  7. Valentina Mabrouk (Italy)
  8. Huda Hemini (Morocco)
  9. Rosa Bernardro Muñoz (Spain)
  10. Laleska Bruschi (Brazil)
  11. Lisa Baker (Germany)
  12. Carlotta Tonelli (Italy)
  13. Majel de Kock (Belgium)
  14. Lenia Fernandez (Portugal)
  15. Lauren Gaudelier (France)
  16. Celandine (Switzerland)—tied for 16th place
  17. Lydia Melero (Spain)—tied for 16th place

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