Russia-Ukraine War: Russia attacks southern region, Ukraine shoots down 13 drones

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Moscow says Ukraine has launched more than 40 drones towards Russia

Moscow defense officials said Ukraine More than 40 drones were launched into the Rostov region on the Russian border in what appeared to be one of the largest air strikes in the war, which is continuing into its third year.

The Russian Defense Ministry said 44 drones were “intercepted and destroyed” on Friday in the Morozovsky region, more than 62 miles (100 kilometers) from the border.

Officials said the attack damaged an electrical substation. Russian media reported that there was a military airport near the town of Morozovsk, but it was not clear whether the airport was the target.

Ukrainian officials rarely comment on such attacks and there was no immediate response. The Guardian was unable to independently verify these claims.

Last week, Moscow launched a massive attack on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure with 99 drones and missiles, striking across the country.


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Russia says pro-Ukrainian data found on Moscow attack suspect’s phone

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Russian investigators claim to have found pro-Ukrainian data on the phone of a Moscow attack suspect, the latest sign of the Kremlin’s interest in blaming Kiev for the deadly Crocus town hall incident despite Islamic State’s claims of responsibility for the shooting Responsible.

Russian investigators said on Friday that one of the attackers behind last month’s Moscow concert hall massacre, claimed by the Islamic State (IS), had pro-Ukrainian content on his phone.

Ukraine and the West have accused Moscow of trying to exploit the tragedy, suggesting without providing evidence that Kiev was behind Russia’s deadliest terror attack in two decades.

The Islamic State (IS) has repeatedly claimed responsibility for the attack, the worst on European soil and the worst in Russia since the 2004 Beslan school siege.

Gunmen wearing camouflage uniforms attacked the town hall in Krokos on the outskirts of Moscow and then set the building on fire. More than a dozen suspects, including four attackers, all from the Central Asian country of Tajikistan, have been arrested.

Hours after the attack, Russian media and state officials began blaming Ukraine for the terror attack that killed more than 140 people, despite evidence that the terrorist group’s Afghan affiliate, the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP), was responsible.

Russian investigators said on Friday that data from one of the suspects’ cellphones showed that he searched online for the name of Crokus City Hall on the morning of February 24, the second anniversary of Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine. Photos and send them to others.

The suspect “confirmed all this in his statement,” the statement said.

However, human rights experts warned that any statements or confessions from the suspects should be treated with suspicion as they appeared to have been repeatedly torturebased on gruesome videos and photos of the interrogation that circulated.

Russia’s Investigative Committee also said it found photos on the same phone showing men in camouflage uniforms holding Ukrainian flags in front of destroyed buildings.

“These data may indicate a link between this attack” and the conflict in Ukraine, the report said.

The United States said it warned Russia publicly and privately in early March that extremists were planning to attack a Moscow concert hall.

After the massacre, unnamed U.S. intelligence officials told the U.S. media that they had clearly told Moscow that the “Islamic State” planned to attack Crocus City Hall.

Reuters reported last week that Russia’s close ally Iran also informed the Kremlin of the possibility of a major “terrorist action” on its soil before the concert hall massacre.

Russia rejects Western warnings.Just three days before the attack, the president Vladimir Putin Accused Washington of “blackmail” and trying to “intimidate” the Russians.

Ukraine’s military denied on Friday that Russian troops had entered Ukrainian suburbs chasifyara town in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region, but said fighting was taking place in the area.

“The situation there is very difficult, the fighting continues, but they are not there,” Andrei Zardubny, Nuances of Ukraine’s Eastern Command told Reuters.

Russian news agencies earlier quoted a Russian-appointed adviser to the regional chief as saying that Russian troops were on the outskirts of Chasiv Yar.

Ukrainian military shoots down 13 Russian drones in southern region

Good morning, the time in Kiev and Moscow is exactly 10 am.

Reuters reported that Ukraine’s Air Force shoots down all 13 drones Russian Overnight attacks were carried out in the southern regions of Zaporozhye, Odessa and Dnipropetrovsk.

The Ukrainian military said one of the attacks targeted energy infrastructure in the Odessa region, but that air defense systems repelled the attack.

Local officials also reported explosions during the attack in the eastern city. KharkivIt became a frequent target of Russian attacks late Thursday. governor of the region, Olekh SinehubovIt said there were no reports of casualties as of Friday morning.

Russia has stepped up attacks on Ukraine’s power grid infrastructure in recent weeks, aiming to disrupt the country’s power and energy networks

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