Ruby Frank’s estranged husband hints Jodi Hildebrandt is possessed, calls himself her ‘resident exorcist’

Kevin Franke claims his estranged wife Ruby Franke’s close friend and business partner Jodi Hildebrandt confessed to having her private ‘exorcism’ Teacher” and therefore became possessed.

“She believed she was tormented and haunted by shadows every night,” the architect explained in a newly released interview with the Washington County, Utah, prosecutor’s office.

The family patriarch claims Hildebrandt apparently admitted to Ruby that she was possessed in March 2021, describing the former mental health counselor as “a mess.”

In a newly released interview with the Washington County, Utah, prosecutor’s office, the architect recounted the strange events surrounding Hildebrandt. link coaching/facebook
“She believed she was tormented and haunted every night by shadows,” he told authorities. Connect Classroom

It wasn’t until Kevin, 45, and Ruby, 42, decided to visit Hildebrandt’s home in Ivins, Utah, in May 2021 that he became convinced something sinister was going on behind the scenes.

“I’m a smart guy. I’m an engineer — I’ve designed and helped build some pretty big things. I’m a college professor. I can’t explain some of the things that happened to us there,” he continued.

“It was like the crash in the basement as we were talking upstairs, where the dishes in the kitchen flew away on their own at full speed, hit the wall and then fell to the floor on their own,” Kevin added. “I can’t explain it, but I saw it with my own eyes. See.”

In May 2021, Kevin claimed that he witnessed possession by a mental health counselor when he visited his home. Instagram/@moms_of_truth
“I’m a smart guy. I’m an engineer — I’ve designed and helped build some pretty big things,” he explains. moms_of_truth/instagram

To help Hildebrandt, 54, the couple called a bishop, who then spent the next few months trying to drive the demon out of their home almost every night.

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But in August 2021, the bishop lost all hope and suggested that Hildebrandt move in with the Frank family.

“Ruby was convinced that we could step in and help Jodi. I wanted nothing to do with it,” Kevin explained.

Kevin continued: “I can’t explain some of the things that happened while we were there.” Truth Mom/Instagram
The family patriarch explained that even though everyone was upstairs, he heard the crash in the basement. Truth Mom/Instagram

Recalling when Hildebrandt moved in, he continued, “It turned into a crazy house. The moment she showed up at my house, the weirdest things started happening.”

Kevin suspected him of “lights turning on and off,” the sounds of people walking on the walls, footprints on the ceiling, and floating objects.

As Hildebrandt’s alleged possession continued, he decided to intervene.

He claimed plates also flew off the shelves and onto the wall. Instagram
“I can’t explain it, but I saw it with my own eyes,” he added. @abbyfranke_8passengers / Instagram

“I became the resident exorcist,” Kevin said. “That was my job, and every time she started going into a trance and being possessed, I would go and give her a blessing, and it started to become a lot of blessings. . ”

As the trance escalated to occur hourly, Kevin claimed that Ruby voluntarily shared a room with Hildebrandt.

“[Jodi and Ruby] “Then started sleeping in the same bed,” he added. “Then [Ruby] “She started having trance-like feelings. I would say around September, she believed she was going to go to heaven and see God and Jesus and talk to them.”

Not long after, Hildebrandt moved into Frank’s house. @moms_of_truth/Instagram
Kevin claimed that strange things were happening to Hildebrandt. Truth Mom/Instagram

From there, Kevin would watch his wife and Hildebrandt “lock themselves in a room for four or five hours,” explaining that Ruby would eventually come out and tell him about “this amazing vision she had. ” and the “job” God gave her.

Ultimately, Kevin decided to go through a “family separation” with Ruby before Ruby. Apply for divorce in November 2023 Follow Mom Influencers and Hildebrandt’s arrest for severe child abuse August 30, 2023.

The former Passengers 8 YouTube host has been found guilty and sentenced to prison Penalty of up to 30 years in prison after her admits to torture she minor childrenHildebrandt received the same sentence as the judge claimed she “terrorized” the children.

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