Rory McIlroy calls out Patrick Cantlay to revive explosive Ryder Cup run

Rory McIlroy (right) and Patrick Cantlay before the 2023 Ryder Cup Foursomes – Getty Images/Brendan Moran

Rory McIlroy’s next interaction with Patrick Cantlay is sure to be interesting, as the world No. 2 tags the American in continuing fallout “d–” tag. Ryder Cup.

Nearly two months have passed since Europe defeated the United States in Rome, but the ill-timed altercation continues to fuel tensions.Of course, McIlroy’s comments in an interview with the Irish Independent involved His conflict with caddy Joe LaCava Nothing will be done to keep calm.

“I started giving them a try,” McIlroy said, referring to his protest against Ricky Elliott [Brooks Koepka’s caddie] and Claude Harmon [Koepka’s coach] At the team’s hotel.

“Joe LaCava used to be a good guy when he was caddying for the Tigers, and now that he’s caddying for that guy — he’s turned into a –. I’m still not in a good place.”

Rory McIlroy talks to Patrick Cantlay's caddy Joe LaCava on the 18th greenRory McIlroy talks to Patrick Cantlay's caddy Joe LaCava on the 18th green

McIlroy and Joe LaCava compare notes on the 18th green – Getty Images/Patrick Smith

Tiger Woods, who was recovering from a leg injury at home in South Florida at the time, tried to get in touch with McIlroy, but the world No. 2 didn’t answer and sent Woods a message instead.

“And there were three texts and two missed calls from Tiger, because they were obviously still close,” McIlroy said. “I sent him a quick message: ‘It’s going to be okay — it’s been a long day — —Just want to sleep.’ ”

McIlroy refused to meet with LaCava ahead of Sunday’s singles, although The Daily Telegraph revealed the pair did reach a settlement in the European team room on Sunday night. However, they haven’t spoken yet, and it’s doubtful they’ll ever share bread as friends. .

Even in hindsight, McIlroy sounds bitter about the situation. This was sparked by a report from Sky Sports that Cantlay was playing without a hat in protest at golfers not being paid to play in the Ryder Cup.

The crowd soon became uproar and began waving their hats at Cantlay, although the world number five insisted the report was false and that he didn’t know at the time why the gallery was twirling hats and chanting “For your bank Stand up for yourself.” “account”.

On the final green, Cantlay holed a long putt and his teammates started waving their hats around the putting green. LaCava did the same thing, walking up to McIlroy with a putt that would have halved the match. This lit the fuse.

“I feel the red mist enveloping me”

“That’s what irritates me,” McIlroy said. “My relationship with Cantlay is average at best. We don’t have a lot in common and have very different views on the world.

“But when I saw him holding on on the 17th and 18th greens, I tried to quiet down his crowd. And I don’t think Fitz [Matt Fitzpatrick, his partner] I had the same opportunity to try and hole those putts to tie the game.

“I shook Joe’s hand, and I shook Patrick’s hand. Those three putts he made on 16, 17 and 18 were great, and to give your team a glimmer of hope going into Sunday under that kind of pressure is Great ball. So everyone respects him.

“Behind the 18th green, Fred Couples and Thomas Bjorn had a bit of an argument – which was fine – but as I walked back to the dressing room I could feel the red mist coming over me. Me. ‘No’! That’s not right.”

McIlroy went on to explain that it was only the intervention of teammate and old friend Sean Lowry that Prevent him from entering the opposing team’s room “solve this problem”.But McIlroy soon Slams Jim “Bones” McKayJustin Thomas’ caddy, approached him in the parking lot.

“He came over and tried to deescalate the situation,” McIlroy said, “but he was wearing an American top, and I knew he was Joe’s friend, and I just tripped up. Totally angry. I felt bad about it afterward because Bones The wife “I stood next to him and said a lot of bad things. So it wasn’t my finest moment. Then Shane piled me into the car. “

McIlroy will compete in the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai this week and has already won his fifth honorary title. Nine European teams are teeing off at Jumeirah Golf Estates in what promises to be an exciting event even in the Italian capital. Talking points, they certainly will now.

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