Right-wing influencer pledges bailout for Elon Musk after Apple, Disney and others suspend advertising on X

appledisney. International Business Machines CorporationNBCUniversal,Sony.These are just some big companies has paused their advertising campaigns X, the platform was formerly known as Twitterin the past few days.

Since then, numerous right-wing media companies and influencers have come together to pledge support Muskpromising to advertise on X to make up for the revenue lost due to corporate flight.

last week, Musk expressed his support for anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that Jewish groups claim are replacing white people with immigrants from minority groups.Musk’s endorsement of this conspiracy theory on X also coincides with U.S. Media Affairs Report This shows how ads from big brands appear on pro-Nazi and pro-Hitler content. These two issues combined appear to have created a situation where many large companies feel they can no longer advertise on the platform.

On Saturday, Seth Dillon, CEO of the conservative satirical website Babylon Bee, said: declare His company will spend $250,000 to advertise on X to support “free speech.” Dillon’s support for Musk isn’t surprising. Babylon Bee was suspended from Twitter at the time one of the reasons Why was Musk interested in acquiring this social media platform in the first place?

Soon after, YouTuber Tim Pool also Commitment Spend the same amount on X ads “over the next few months.”

Soon, more right-wing media figures and companies made their own pledges, albeit for much smaller amounts than Dillon and Poole pledged. For example, political commentator Benny Johnson committed $50,000 in advertising spending. Other right-wing creators such as The Quartering, Donut Operator, Gavin McInnes and Elijah Schaffer have pledged small donations ranging from $2,500 to $40,000.

Controversial Andrew Tate is a ‘manosphere’ influencer who has previously been Charged with rape and human traffickingthe maximum commitment amount, explain He pays Musk $1 million a month and doesn’t even run ads for his cause.

“I will advertise for elonmusk just pay.”

It’s unclear whether Tate is serious or even has the resources to essentially donate $12 million a year to X. However, on the face of it, Tate’s comment that Musk wouldn’t “need another advertiser” if Tate paid X $1 million a month is laughably correct.

As of press time, a total of eight right-wing media figures and groups have committed $1,627,500 in advertising on X. That included a quote that Tate might not be serious about. Additionally, most of these commitments are made over a period of several months, so the amount is not monthly.

Compared to the amount X lost by fleeing advertisers, Apple alone reportedly spent Over $100 million X ads per year.From a broader perspective, advertising made up At that time, Twitter’s revenue of $5.1 billion was 90% of what it was the year before Musk took office.

Musk has with sound He applauded the promise of advertising in a post on X. But, the truth is, support from these right-wingers cannot fill the huge revenue hole left by these big brands and companies following their owners’ recent actions.

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