‘RHOBH’ cast leaves Season 13 reunion couch covered in spray tan stains: ‘Thanks Stanley Steemer’

Bravo appears to have 1-800-STEEMER on speed dial.

And the final installment of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 Reunion After airing earlier this month, fans finally got to see the aftermath of the post-taping chaos — and producers may want to reconsider using the white couch again.

Matthew B. Kornegay and James Pearse Connelly, two of the show’s production designers Shared Instagram Reels On Friday, after filming wrapped, the rental couch was covered in makeup and spray tan stains, writing, “What the hell happened to 8 (can’t ignore the iconic @kathyhilton) housewives sitting on 2 rental couches …Thank you @stanleysteemerofficial.”

The white couch was covered in makeup and spray tan stains. kornegaydesigns/instagram;jpconnelly/instagram
The cast of Season 13 reunited for a three-part reunion. Todd Williamson/Bravo
The “housewife” left some body makeup on. kornegaydesigns/instagram;jpconnelly/instagram

At the beginning of the film, two white sofas are placed on a stylish set, but the film – set to Sophie Ellis-Best’s “Murder on the Dance Floor” – then pans to a similarly sun-stained on the sofa.

A scroll reads “Thank God Stanley Stiller,” a bright yellow van from a carpet cleaning company is parked outside and the sofa has been restored to its original hue.

“The Stanley Steamer commercial is awesome. [sic]…Hard on the fake tanner, gentle on the couch…” one Instagram user commented under the post.

More Page Six styles…

The production designer called Stanley Stimer to help with the problem. kornegaydesigns/instagram;jpconnelly/instagram
Makeup stains are removed thanks to a good steam cleaning. kornegaydesigns/instagram;jpconnelly/instagram

“This is why our nonnas have plastic on their furniture,” wrote another.

One fan had a suggestion, writing: “Why not buy a cover and wash it off? It’ll be a lot cheaper.”

However, both production designers weighed in on the discussion, with Connelly writing: “It was a clever idea, but the problem we faced was that the seat covers were not aesthetically the most popular in BH.”

“This is for the cast of RGOBH (Real Grandma of Beverly Hills),” Konicki quipped.

Kathy Hilton and sister Kyle Richards chat during the party. Griffin Nagle/Bravo
After a deep cleaning, your sofa looks fresh and white. kornegaydesigns/instagram;jpconnelly/instagram
The Glow cast left a mark in more ways than one during the reunion shoot. Griffin Nagle/Bravo

Aside from the tan, there was plenty of other drama at the Season 13 reunion taping, which included Sutton Stracke, 52, suffered a horrific medical incident This sent her to the emergency room.

“I do have serious health issues,” the reality star said Tell Page Six’s “VR Tea” Podcast Earlier this month, she added that she was “exhausted” and “dehydrated.”

Kathy Hilton, 65, also surprise appearance Got deep with her sister Kyle Richards, 55, at the party — even though she did not return In season 13, she seems to be leaving her mark.

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