Renowned psychologist and Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman dies at 90

Psychologist Daniel Kahneman dies at 90. He pioneered the theory of behavioral economics, had a major impact on the discipline, and was awarded the Nobel Prize.

Kahneman, best-selling author Thinking, fast and slowrejects the idea that people’s behavior is rooted in rational decision-making processes and is not often based on instinct.

Kahneman’s employer, Princeton University, where the Israeli-American academic worked until his death, confirmed Kahneman’s death in a statement on its website Wednesday.

Former colleague Professor Eldar Shafir said in a press release: “Many areas of the social sciences have changed dramatically since he arrived on the scene. He will be greatly missed.”

In 2002, Kahneman was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science for his research in the fields of psychology and economics.

Steven Pinker describes it as “The world’s most influential living psychologist”Kahneman’s most popular theory rejects traditional economic approaches in which people are completely rational and self-interested.

Instead, the theory suggests that people’s psychological biases may distort their judgment.

“My ambitions are limited and I don’t aspire to great success,” Kahneman tell the guardian In 2015, “I worked very hard, but I didn’t expect to become a famous psychologist.

“I’m very capable of enjoying a good life, and my life is good.”

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