Rebecca Romijn’s kids ask her about ex-husband John Stamos’ ‘demonic’ diss in memoir

Rebecca Romijn can’t keep her kids away from John Stamos’ recent vicious comments about their divorce.

The actress’s 14-year-old twin daughters Charlie and Dolly asked their mom about her ex Memoir “If You Told Me”According to husband Jerry O’Connell.

“They saw what we’re seeing now,” “The Talk” co-host, 49, Explained on SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live” on Monday. “No hiding, no restraining them, nothing more hidden from them.

“When your kids come out to breakfast and they say, ‘Hey, Mom, your ex came out with a book, call you devil“What were you thinking? Why did he call you that?” O’Connell continued.

The “Kangaroo Jack” star reiterated that he and Romijn, 51, have “no secrets” from their children.

The couple welcomed their daughter in 2008, a year after their wedding.

The actress and Jerry O’Connell have “no secrets” about their teenage twins.
Rebecca Romijn/Instagram
Charlie and Dolly ask their mom about Stamos calling her “the devil.”
Rebecca Romijn/Instagram
“It was crazy,” O’Connell said of the candid conversation.
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Romijn has previously Marry StamosThe “Full House” actor promoted his book last month after his breakups made headlines at age 60 from 1998 to 2005.

Emmy Award Nominees tell people In October, he “hated” Romijn and viewed her as a “devil” during their separation, adding, “It ruined my life.”

Stamos noted, “I was heartbroken for too long…and it went on for years.”

Stamos addressed his differences with Romijn on “If You’d Tell Me.”
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O’Connell Tell Access Hollywood viewers At that time he Won’t comment on bombshell Because it’s not “really [his] place. ”

He hasn’t changed his attitude yet.

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“After listening to [Stamos’] interview [with Howard Stern] … any interest [in] After reading the book, he left“, the actor explained to Cohen on Monday.

Romijn has yet to break her silence.
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As O’Connell went on to joke that he had a “secret” copy of the memoir, he “hid it”[s]” At home, Bravo executives didn’t believe him.

As for Romijn, she has yet to comment on If You’d Tell Me — a source told Page Six she has no plans to break her silence in the future.

“she No longer want to provide John with oxygen Or follow and help him sell more books. “An insider explained.

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