“PS5 Pro Enhanced Edition” label may mean constant 60fps and ray tracing

Sony will reportedly use new “PS5 Pro Enhanced Edition” label to tell players which games take advantage of the console’s new features Documents seen Insider Game yesterday.The outlet writes that to earn the label, games must offer PS5 Pro graphics mode, which includes PSSR for 4K upscaling, a constant 60fps frame rate, and added or improved ray tracing. It also reportedly shows higher resolutions for fixed and variable refresh rate games.

The site says the internally named “Trinity Enhanced” tag will be similar to the “PS4 Pro Enhanced” tag (or “X|S” tag, indicating improvements to the game) from the previous generation of PlayStation. e.g. better loading times or higher frame rates).it Also tell players When a game gets a graphical upgrade specific to a new system at the time, but not necessarily a combination of improvements.

There are rumors that PS5 Pro will Launch at the end of 2024about a year after release The smaller PS5 last NovemberCompared with the regular PS5, its ray tracing performance can be improved by 4 times, the CPU frequency is 10% higher than the original console, the memory speed is increased by 28%, and the rendering performance is improved by up to 45%.

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