‘Pirates’ creator: ‘We knew we’d be compared to ‘Bridgerton’

AppleTV+ now has its own version of “Bridgerton,” which includes new period drama “Pirates.”

The play is adapted from the 1938 work and is now airing unfinished novel Created by Edith Wharton and set in London in the 1870s.

The story tells the story of five young American women who, after holding a wedding ceremony with a lord, came to the British upper class to test their luck in the marriage scene.

“We started developing the show before ‘Bridgerton’ aired. When it aired, we inevitably knew it would end up being compared,” creator/writer/producer Katherine Jackwith told “Washington post”.

“There were many The best thing about “Bridgerton” We’re excited to be compared to that, and a lot of what we’re doing is different. It’s a different story because it has Americans involved, and it’s a culture clash as Americans enter this rigid English-speaking world.

“Also, there’s romance, but we want the core of the whole thing to be female friendship. So, the real love story of our show is the relationship between young women.”

Alyssa Boy, Josie Totah, Christine Froseth, Aubrey Ibragg and Imogen Waterhouse in Pirates.
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Guy Remmers and Christine Froese in “Pirates.”
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These young women include the headstrong Nan St. George (Christine Froseth) and her best friend Conchita Crosson (Elissa Bo, “13 Reasons Why”), who later The author married the British Lord Richard Marable (played by Josh Dylan) out of love. sister, Genie St. George (Imogen Waterhouse), and the Elmsworth sisters Lizzie (Aubrey Ibragg) and Mabel (Josie Totta).

Nan is torn between Theo (Guy Remmers), Duke of Tintagel, and his friend Guy Swart (Matthew Bloom).

Christina Hendricks co-stars as Nan and Ginny’s mother, Mrs. Patricia St. George.

Christina Hendricks in “Pirates.”
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Adam James and Christina Hendricks in “Pirates.”
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“When we heard she was going to do this, it was a big day and I was a big shot “Crazy” fans, [Christina Hendricks] It’s awesome,” Jack Weiss said. “I thought the character – as mothers in period dramas often are – could be a little one-dimensional. We were keen to write her so she had more depth, and Christina was very good at making her feel realistic.

“this [younger actors] We didn’t know anyone particularly well, and a lot of the leading men were young actors who hadn’t worked before. When we first meet Matthew Bloom, he hasn’t finished drama school yet. We met hundreds of actors. I can’t imagine that on our side of the Atlantic there’s an actor between the ages of 18 and 30 whose tapes we haven’t seen or considered. “

Conchita (Alyssa Bo) gets married in “Pirates.”
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Ginny (Imogen Waterhouse) and her mother Patricia St. George (Christina Hendricks) in Pirates.
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This show is not the only version of the story to be adapted for the screen. There was also a 1995 BBC miniseries starring Carla Gugino as Nan and Mira Sorvino as Conchita, which received mixed reviews (the ending was Criticized as too saccharine, this is not the usual ending to a Wharton novel).

“We believe [the mini series] It exists, but I haven’t seen it yet,” Jack Weiss said.

“I remember it being on when I was a kid [in college]”It’s important for us to tell our own version. I haven’t seen the ’90s miniseries – maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to watch it.”

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