Phillies’ Game 2 More Disastrous than Opening Day

Phillies’ Game 2 More Disastrous than Opening Day Originally appeared in NBC Sports Philadelphia

Zack Wheeler Left after six glorious innings on Opening Day, almost everything went wrong phillies since.

this warriorsFollowing nine possessions on Friday, they added 12 possessions on Saturday. Aaron Nora He had one of the worst performances of his career in his first start since signing a seven-year, $172 million deal the Phillies lost to injury Their only long reliever, and he never pitched in Saturday’s game after Game 2.

If you knew the Phillies would catch up Max Fried In the first inning, you might have thought it was a productive rally effort as the offense calmed down and the bullpen collapsed on Opening Day.

Not so much.

Nola didn’t have his curveball or good command, giving up seven runs on 12 hits of 4 or more runs, a career-high The Phillies lost 12-4. They started 0-2 after losing their first four games last season.

“We’re obviously better than we’ve shown, but the last two days have not been great,” Tretna explain.

“I think you – don’t put too much pressure, we have an experienced club – but sometimes you work hard. You have to take a step back and relax. Sometimes early in the season everyone gets stuck.” On things. You try to settle down, you want to win games, you don’t want to give up on those because at the end of the year, they’re important.”

Unfortunately, Nola’s day started when Ronald Acuña Jr. lightly hit the ball to third base, Alec Bohm Trying to attack with his free hands.Boehm probably had enough time to put on the gloves and throw the diamond, but since AcuñaMissed the ball due to being too fast. Initially ruled an error, it was later converted to a hit in the official scoring environment of the 2024 offense’s madness.

Nola left a changeup in the middle of the plate for the next batter, Ozzie Albieswho sent the ball to the seats in right-center field.

The Phillies responded with three runs in the bottom half of the first quarter to take the lead temporarily.The performance of key sectors is Nick Castellanos Two outs, bases loaded and a walk Bryson Stout Two runs and one run. Castellanos apparently struck out and the score was 2-2, but home plate umpire Bruce Drakeman called the call and extended the at-bat, allowing the Phillies to score three runs.

Fried’s velocity fluctuated wildly, getting out after seven batters and 43 pitches.

but Atlanta Just keep getting closer to Nora. Some of the hits were boops or leadoff grounders, but this outing can’t simply be chalked up to bad luck as there was a fair share of hard contact as well. Seven points are two more than Nola, who has played 35 games for the Warriors in his career.

“We really didn’t get enough swings and misses,” catcher JT Realmuto ” explain. “It felt like they were hitting the ball with the bat a lot, and when they put the ball in play, they seemed to find a lot of holes. There just wasn’t a loaded pitch, really. When we had two strikes, we just executed. Not enough to keep the others at bay. They played their part and beat us like that.

“They did what they were supposed to do, and when they hit the ball twice, they didn’t do much but try to make the ball work, and then they found the hole.”

Manager Rob Thomson pulled Nola deeper because the Phillies didn’t have a true long man in the bullpen. They have Luis Ortiz, who has pitched more than two innings twice in his career, but that’s essentially it. To make matters worse, Ortiz missed Saturday’s game with a sprained left ankle. Even if he’s on the field every day, Sunday’s lineup changes may be necessary given how many innings the Phillies bullpen will have to pitch.

“Our bullpen wasn’t very deep today, and anybody we used yesterday, we use today, is going to be out tomorrow,” Thomson said. “(Nola) hollowed it out for us and probably saved the bullpen.” “

The Braves have a bunch of sluggers coming off their careers, but their bottom-ranked player did just as much damage Saturday. Michael Harris II Issued in six holes two days in a row, going 6-for-9 with a home run, a double, a walk, a stolen base and five runs. Orlando AsiaIn the seventh at-bat, he had three hits. Travis d’Arnaud had a two-run double in the eighth. Jared Kelenic He had RBI singles in his first two at-bats in the ninth.

He also robbed Bryce Harper A diving catch to left-center opened the bottom of the third inning. Harper’s luck was even worse two innings later when he passed the ball to the first baseman. Matt Olsonhe doubled up on Turner.

In a bit of luck on Saturday, Harper avoided injury by flipping the dugout railing in front of the camera in the first inning. It was a horrific game that silenced the crowd of 44,468, but Harper was in good shape after the game. Hustle is great but he and the Phillies might benefit from a more cautious approach. An out is not worth sitting around for months.

“He got hit,” Thomson said. “When he got in the well there, it was a little concerning, he hit it pretty hard… This is Bryce, he’s going to keep playing hard. It’s hard to control him, that’s just the way he is.”

The Phillies won’t have many chances to tie the Braves directly this season. After the weekend, they won’t see Atlanta again until July 5-7, with the final two series taking place in 10 days in August.

The Warriors are an elite team. They’ve made progress.they added Chris Sale and built their bullpen, which features four left-handers.Having so many lefties allows them to do things like use Tyler Mazek exist Kyle Schwarber The Braves have just two lefties on the 2023 NLDS roster; AJ Minter and an invalid bradhand.They’re in a better position to take on the Phillies’ top hitters this year.

The schedule will ease up a bit now that the Braves are out of town, with six of the Phillies’ next seven series coming against lower pitching lineups in the Nationals, Reds, Pirates, Rockies and White Sox . Regardless, salvaging a first-round series and avoiding a sweep against their top rival is important from both a mental standpoint and a practical standpoint, even at this time of year.

“Two games to start the season are tough, both games are tough,” Nola said. “Come out and compete tomorrow and that’s all we can do. Try to get to Game 3 and we’ve got a lot of baseball left.” There are games to be played. We knew it was going to be a battle against the Warriors.”

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