Pat McAfee calls recent NCAA decision ‘stupid’ as James Madison University’s postseason waiver request denied

Pat McAfee doesn’t like the NCAA’s decision on James Madison University and its postseason waiver request. Duke is transitioning from the FCS Sun Belt Conference to the FBS and is ranked No. 18 in the latest AP poll. But their season may be over due to the NCAA’s ruling that they won’t be able to play in a bowl game.

JMU’s request for postseason exemption was denied by the NCAA. Duke had asked the NCAA to shorten their transition period from two years to one, allowing them to compete in this year’s postseason. However, this has not happened and McPhee has spoken out against the decision.

Here’s what Pat McAfee had to say about the NCAA’s denial of James Madison University’s postseason waiver request.

“The NCAA did another stupid thing,” McPhee said. “Such a stupid, stupid decision for no reason. Hey, it’s okay to be a babyface like a reasonable institution, like Taz. No matter what Tez Walker was at UNC, it was inevitably going to happen when the season started.”

“It’s like, you’re wrong, you’re so far behind other people’s decisions,” McPhee added.

“It’s the same thing for James Madison and Jacksonville State. We’re in a much different era now than when this rule came out. It’s an old rule, you have to have two years It’s time to transition from FCS to FBS, which used to be D1 AA to D1,” he added.

The NCAA also declined to grant similar waivers to Jacksonville State and Tarleton State, further infuriating Pat McAfee. james madison university Play well in the Sun Belt and will qualify for the playoffs if exempt.

James Madison University playoff waiver denied and consequences

The JMU Dukes remain undefeated in the Sun Belt Conference, beating every opponent by a huge margin. But since they are transitioning from the FCS, they will not be able to compete in this year’s SBC Championship Game. And with a playoff exemption denied, their hopes of an FBS Bowl game are diminished.

If there aren’t enough teams with a .500 record at the end of the regular season to fill 82 bowl berths through 41 games, Duke might still be able to earn a bowl berth.If not, their season will end with games against Coastal Carolina Church In week 13.

Does 10-0 JMU deserve a playoff exemption as Pat McAfee suggested, or does the NCAA have the authority to deny it?

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