Palmsy is an anti-social media app

if you ever wanted notes To have fake social media features, there’s a new app for you: Parsi.

According to TechCrunch, Palmsy is essentially a fake social media app Because you can post text and photos to anyone. Import your contact list and Palsy will create likes from it and even send push notifications as if people interacted with your posts. But according to the welcome screen and developer Pat Nakajima, it’s all for show. Nothing leaves your device.

Nakajima posted on topic Palmsy “lets you post something. Then get some random fake likes from your contacts. Nothing leaves your device, it’s just pretending.”

The Palmsy welcome screen explains the application.
Image Source: Screenshot: Palsy

As Engadget puts it, Palmsy is a diary app Provide “fake likes from real friends”. Why? Perhaps to provide the dopamine hit that real social media provides while protecting your privacy. Social media isn’t exactly good for our mental healthso maybe an app like Palmsy can provide some comfort — just in case you don’t want to actually put down your phone.

In your app’s Mashable test, advanced options let you determine how many fake likes you’ve received and over how long. Palsy can then deliver a social media experience designed just for you.

Palmsy advanced options determine how many likes you get and for how long

Palmsy lets you decide how many likes you get within a specific time frame.
Image Source: Screenshot: Palsy

In recent years, social media applications such as It is true Trying to be more “real”.As far as BeReal is concerned, it eventually stabilized It is There are still a few months until the money runs outPalmsy seems to be the next evolution in anti-social media apps. We’ll see how long it lasts.

Parsi It’s free to download on iPhone and iPad, but only works with iOS 17.2 or later.

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