Opinion | A message to seniors guiding U.S.-China relations

But the sons and daughters of these builders grew up in a very different world than their parents. They inherited the basic structure of a country that was rising again, ready to leave its mark on the world, but they inevitably wanted to fill out its look and feel, and challenge old mores in the process.have widely and continue to grow discussFor example, how to make Chinese society fairer? greenChina is undergoing a profound transformation, transforming into a high-tech, highly educated, prosperous and powerful country that the “builder generation” could only imagine.

Live in China for a while and you realize that, despite what America’s hawks might hope, it’s not going to collapse anytime soon. Although China’s transition from low-cost labor and manufacturing to innovation and consumption is unstable, its economy is developing steadily. still growing, albeit slower than in the past.Even though China is building Coal-fired power plantIt has become a global renewable energy superpower, an exporter of electric vehicles, solar panels and wind turbines.Its tendency to maintain friendly relations with governments at odds with the United States, such as Russia, Iran and North Korea, means that U.S. diplomats are increasingly asking Beijing to use its leverage, including in The current situation in the Middle East is turbulentWhen it comes to cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, experts agree that discussions without China are equivalent to discussions in the West. Talking to oneself.

China is perhaps the biggest adversary facing the United States.As U.S. Ambassador Nicholas said burns It can be said that China “is Infinitely powerful “China is stronger than ever” due to its economic, scientific and technological strength, innovation capabilities and global ambitions. But rather than viewing China as an enemy, we should view it as a powerful potential partner—with its many advantages. The massive investment of money and energy by the United States in the struggle for global hegemony does not always bring the expected results: the United States is said to have won the Cold War, outlasting the Soviet Union, but did this result in a democratic Russia friendly to American interests?

For Americans accustomed to first place, China’s strength is not always easy to digest. It is disconcerting to see the rise of a society of equal power to the United States, with a value system that appears to be radically different from that of the United States.But the U.S. still maintains enduring superiority China envisions: U.S. Dollarthe vitality of America scienceits cultural, military and diplomatic influence and economic flexibilityThis means that U.S. leaders have the ability to continue to engage with China, transcend differences over rules and lines set decades ago, resist posturing for their own voters, and start working together on things that matter to young people in both countries: economic stability, Job creation, healthy competition rather than decoupling, scientific collaboration and, most importantly, climate change.

Every moment we indulge in distrust makes the world a hotter place. Younger generations in both countries have grown up with the threat of climate change and understand intuitively that we need new, transformative approaches; shouting at each other will not solve anything. Californians, deeply troubled by wildfires, know that their way of life faces a more immediate threat than China. People in Shanghai who live in the shallow-water delta could see their homes washed away within decades.The resources Beijing and Washington are spending on an unwinnable geopolitical standoff could be better spent on our energy transition, or on delivering better lives for people around the world developing country.

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