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Officials say Ukrainian missiles kill at least 18 people in Russian city

this Russian authorities stated A Ukrainian attack on the city of Belgorod killed at least 18 people and injured more than 110 on Saturday, the deadliest attack on a Russian city since the war began nearly two years ago.

Russian Ministry of Defense said in a statement Ukraine struck Belgorod, the center of a region of about 330,000 residents about 25 miles north of the Ukrainian border, with two missiles and several rockets, adding that the attack was “indiscriminate” and “Won’t get away with it.”

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said most of the rockets had been shot down, but some fragments fell on the city. The Ukrainian government has yet to officially comment on the Belgorod attack, and Russia’s claims could not immediately be confirmed.

Belgorod Region Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov explain Three children were among those killed on Saturday, when a residential complex in the city center was attacked.

Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Posted a video The aftermath of the bombing showed cars on fire, injured people being taken to shelters and shattered glass from city buildings.russian state television pod delivery Videos posted by Belgorod residents showed thick smoke billowing over the city, shattered glass near residential buildings and people lying on sidewalks.

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs explain The United Nations Security Council will hold an emergency meeting on Saturday to discuss the attack.

The attack on Belgorod was in response to Russia launches air strikes on Ukraine on FridayA Ukrainian intelligence official said on condition of anonymity, adding that only military installations were targeted. The attack on Ukraine was one of the largest of the war, killing at least 39 people, injuring about 160 others, and attacking civilian and military infrastructure.

Ukrainian rescuers were still recovering bodies from the rubble of an attacked factory in the center of the capital Kiev on Saturday. According to local authorities.

Ukrainian authorities said late Saturday that Russia launched an attack on Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, about 40 miles from Belgorod, in possible retaliation for the Ukrainian attack.

Mayor of Kharkiv Ihor Terekhov, explain At least 16 people were injured in the attack. Local authorities said the Russian military carried out six attacks in the city center and reported damage to residential buildings, shops and medical facilities.

Unverified video and picture Information shared on social media showed that the Kharkiv Palace Hotel, one of the city’s most popular hotels and frequented by foreign journalists, was attacked. Photos after the attack showed a huge hole measuring 10 meters in size had been punctured in the building’s facade. Several stories.

The attacks over the past two days underscore that despite Ukraine’s problems accessing Western funding and Russia’s growing war fatigue, Moscow and Kiev remain willing to escalate a war that is likely to mark its second anniversary in February. .

Ukraine has repeatedly stated that it is not worried about bringing the war into Russian territory, and has previously carried out cross-border strikes and even brief ground strikes against the Belgorod region. Kiev-backed attack by anti-Kremlin Russian fighters.

Such attacks have killed at least 50 people in Russia so far, According to the United Nationsas well as the evacuation of thousands of civilians and skirmishes with Russian troops.

While the details of Saturday’s attack in Ukraine are unclear, the death toll alone is noteworthy, shattering the relative sense of normalcy that has prevailed in Russia during the war and bringing home the pain Ukrainians have endured during the war. It’s been happening almost every day for the past two years. The attack could also embolden Russia’s pro-invasion hawks, who have long argued that Moscow must adopt a tougher approach in Ukraine.

The back-to-back airstrikes on Friday and Saturday come as Ukrainian and Russian troops are locked in a bloody and mostly inconclusive battle on land. Moscow has made several advances on the front lines in recent weeks, but military experts say its gains are limited. Incremental and unlikely to lead to major breakthroughs in the near future.

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