Nothing Chats wants to fix iPhone and Android messaging may be too late

Mainly used Android phone, I’m all too familiar with the “green bubble” stigma. Whenever I message someone, iPhone, my text showed up in iMessage (the default messaging platform in iOS), but the app switched my messages from the secure but Apple-only iMessage protocol to the outdated SMS/MMS protocol. On the iPhone, this changes the color of my conversation bubble on one side from blue to green, which gives my friends something to tease me about. It also meant that a lot of modern messaging features stopped working: our conversations weren’t encrypted, I missed some messages in group chats, and photos and videos could only be shared at low quality with no read receipts.

In the past year, there was a restart conversation Apple is encouraged to adopt the Rich Communications Services (RCS) protocol, which will upgrade the messaging experience between Android and iOS users and bring back many of these features.It also spawned apps like buzzerwill turn your messages blue even if you are using an Android phone.

Smartphone brand Nothing has stepped into this stopgap app market no small talk.Currently in beta and only available for no phone(2) Owner, it lets you send messages to your iPhone contacts without turning the conversation bright green.I’ve been using the beta version for a few days now and although there are There are many errorsit works.

The elephant in the room?Apple just announced that the iPhone will The RCS standard will be officially supported next yearI don’t think this will be the end of the green-blue bubble saga, but to protect your privacy, it’s best to wait for Apple to adopt it.

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After installing the app and setting up your Nothing Chats account, you’ll need to connect third-party services like iMessage with your Apple ID (you can create one No Apple device). I have two-factor authentication turned on for my Apple ID, so I get a prompt on my MacBook for an Apple ID login attempt and I have to accept it and provide a verification code. You can also connect to the RCS Google Messages app via the following method so that all your text messages will be routed to Nothing Chat. I don’t recommend this because I had issues with missing text message notifications and I started getting notifications for text messages that were sent months (or even years) ago.

I can’t find anyone I want to talk to on Nothing Chats. Some people showed up when I searched for names, and some didn’t exist at all. So I manually found their number in my Google Contacts list, messaged the number through the app, and added them as an existing contact. I kept getting “Send Failed” messages, but I found that if I waited a few minutes, things would work out. Nothing Chats first automatically sends a vCard so the recipient can merge your new chat persona with existing contact information.

There are some weird rules you have to follow. The iPhone user’s phone number you want to message must be connected to the Apple ID on their iPhone, or you can select their email address, which also needs to be set as the recipient iMessage address. You can only create group chats with people on iMessage. (I had a group chat with two iPhone users and another Android phone user, and it sent my message, but I never heard back from anyone, even though they claimed to have replied. Maybe they hate me.)

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