Nissan announces plans to produce 16 new electric vehicles in 2026

Nissan has Made a new plan By 2026, 16 of the 30 cars it produces will be electric, with the rest using internal combustion engines. For those in North America, the company said it plans to release seven new vehicles in the U.S. and Canada, although it’s unclear how many of them will be electric vehicles of some sort.

Nissan says it is rolling out “e-POWER and plug-in hybrid models” in the U.S. – each powered by a mix of electricity and fuel.Currently, the only all-electric EV produced by Nissan is Aria SUV and maybe on the verge of extinction (or Maybe not) leaf.

In 2021, Nissan said it will Produce 23 electric vehicles by 203015 of which will be completely An electric car, not some form of hybrid. It’s hard to say whether this is a step forward from that plan, because yes, the 16 is larger than the 15, but Nissan hasn’t made it clear how many of those 16 cars are batteries, or whether they have batteries at all. We asked Nissan, but it didn’t immediately respond.

The company did say, however, that it expects 60% of its vehicles to be “electrified” by 2030, up from a pledge of 50% by the same deadline. In the same year, the company also increased the total number of electric vehicles to 34.

The company appears to be returning to its “solid state” Battery plan for 2028. Now, it says it will produce vehicles with “enhanced NCM lithium-ion, LFP and all-solid-state batteries” by the deadline.You can read Full announcement hereAt the meeting, Nissan also discussed its future investment strategy, plans for regions such as Europe and Japan, and manufacturing expansion.

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