NHL player Gustav Nyquist calmly picks teeth off ice after being hit in face with stick: Video

After this game, the NHL player will need to do a different type of training.

Nashville Predators Winger Gustav Nyquist had a few teeth knocked out during Thursday’s game against the Seattle Kraken, but he seemed unfazed, calmly collecting his pearly whites off the ice.

“The most exciting hockey program you’ll see today”, Bleacher Report Open Ice Posted on Xand a photo of Nyquist kneeling in search of a missing tooth.

Nyquist was at seattle net front when he took a high stick from Kraken defenseman Adam Larsson and hit him in the face.

Nyquist spun around and fell to the ground just enough to clearly see the traces of his teeth smeared on the ice outside the crease.

“Gus Nyquist is down. There’s a couple chicks on the ice,” the NHL commentator said.

Gustav Nyquist was hit in the face with the stick of Seattle Kraken defenseman Adam Larsson during Friday night’s game.
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After being hit, Nyquist took off his gloves and started picking out the teeth.
After being hit, Nyquist took off his gloves and started picking out the teeth.
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Nyquist took off his gloves and began to pick up the tooth, which was surrounded by tiny spots of blood.

Kraken goaltender Philipp Grubauer even spent some time helping his opponent scan the ice.

“Of course, the German gentleman Philipp Grubauer came over to see if he needed any help,” said Emerald City Hockey, an independent media company covering the team. X said.

Larsson received a four-minute penalty for a high stick hit.

Nyquist returned to the game and hit two shots, but the Kraken won 4-2.

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