New report reveals ‘most educated’ state — but it’s not New York

Massachusetts has been named the “most educated” state in the nation, easily surpassing New York, which failed to crack the top 10 in a new study.

New England states, home to elite university institutions like Harvard University and MIT, top the rankings. Researchers at WalletHub.

Following Massachusetts, the personal finance company identified Vermont, Maryland, Connecticut and Colorado among the top five states.

New York State performed very well, ranking 15th, behind Montana and Illinois (14th and 13th, respectively).

Neighboring New Jersey ranked seventh, trailing only Virginia.

WalletHub focused on two key factors – educational attainment and quality of education, and examined them across 18 relevant indicators.

Analysts focused on the degree levels in each state that adults 25 and older had, from a high school diploma through a graduate degree, to determine educational attainment.

Montana has the highest rate of high school diploma holders. Pest Control – stock.adobe.com

Montana has the highest percentage of people with a high school diploma, while Massachusetts has the highest percentage of people with a bachelor’s degree and a graduate or professional degree.

As for education quality, the number of data points is even more detailed, including the quality of school systems and colleges, students enrolled at top universities, and each state’s graduation rates and test scores.

The presence of free community college and achievement gaps in each state are also considered.

New York ranks 15th "the most educated" A country within a country.
New York State ranks 15th among the “most educated” states in the United States. Cherry – stock.adobe.com

West Virginia holds the unenviable title of the “least educated” state, followed closely by Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

“Having a good education does not guarantee higher income and better opportunities in the future, but there is a clear correlation,” WalletHub analyst Cassandra Happe said in a statement.

“It certainly pays to live in one of the most educated states, offering high-quality learning from childhood all the way to college. This is especially true if you plan to raise children.”

Speaking of kids, WalletHub did a separate analysis last month, ok massachusetts It’s also the best state to raise a family, with New York ranking fifth.

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