New Jersey Democratic Organization, which Senator Menendez once chaired, endorses Tammy Murphy

The Hudson County Democratic Organization, a left-wing campaign group for New Jersey politicians that Sen. Bob Menendez once chaired, supports governor First lady Tammy Murphy on Wednesday.

“From her strong record of advocating for progressive policy initiatives like protecting women’s and children’s health, to her incredible success in raising millions of dollars for families in desperate need during the pandemic, to her business background and reputation as a well-known a person’s long political record, democracy donations, “It is clear that Tammy Murphy is the only qualified candidate for the United States Senate,” Anthony Vainieri, the group’s president, said in a statement.

“Hudson County Democrats are honored to give Tammy Murphy our full and unequivocal support,” he wrote. “We look forward to working closely with Tammy and her team to reintroduce her to Hudson County voters,” he wrote. and helped her become the first female representative of New Jersey in the U.S. Senate. “

Murphy announced Earlier Wednesday, she was running for the Senate seat currently held by Menendez.

Senator Bob Menendez charged with serving as foreign agent in superseding indictment

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez and his wife Nadine arrive at the federal courthouse in New York City on September 27, 2023. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

The county’s support is a blow to the out-of-favor senator who faces federal bribery charges. He has served as a public official in Democratic organizations for the past 40 years.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy previously called on Menendez to resign.

“Today’s decision by the Hudson County Democratic Party to endorse Tammy Murphy only proves why Phil Murphy is so eager to demand my resignation,” Menendez said in a statement, as first reported by the New Jersey Globe. “It was a politically motivated power move to get me to resign,” to give his wife a Senate seat. For those who give in to political pressure, the people of New Jersey deserve better than a out-of-touch, lifelong Republican millionaire who will never understand their lived experiences and will not stand for their own Struggle for life. community if she is elected”.

Menendez faces federal charges of acting as a foreign agent and accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes through his “power and influence as a senator,” according to a superseding indictment handed down by a Manhattan grand jury last month. , seeking benefits for the Egyptian government. .

Menendez previously defeated a separate prosecution charge in 2017.

MSNBC’s ALICIA MENENDEZ responds to father’s allegations: Coworkers ‘actively’ engaged in cover-up

New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy

Tammy Murphy (AP Photo/Julio Cortez/File)

Menendez, his wife Nadine and three other New Jersey businessmen — Val Harner, Jose Uribe and Fred Debis — first federal bribery Plans for September 23rd.

“Among other actions, Menendez provided sensitive U.S. government information and took other steps to covertly assist the Egyptian government,” the indictment states.

Wife of Democratic Sen. Menendez killed pedestrian while driving in 2018: report

Alicia and Bob Menendez

Sen. Bob Menendez’s daughter Alicia Menendez speaks with reporters after his trial on federal corruption charges, Sept. 6, 2017, in Newark Onlookers outside New Jersey District Court. (Reuters/Jopengne)

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“It was part and object of the conspiracy that Defendant Robert Menendez, as well as other known and unknown public officials, directly or indirectly, would and did corruptly request, seek, receive, receive and agree to receive and personally and for Others and entities receive things of value in exchange for being influenced in the performance of official acts and being induced to do something or refrain from doing something contrary to their official duties,” the indictment reads.

Fox News Digital has reached out to Menendez for comment.

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