Netflix confirms it will stop providing services to old Apple subscribers

Netflix confirmed edge The company has begun canceling Apple iTunes billing plans for long-term subscribers and requiring them to pay Netflix directly with a credit or debit card. Earlier today, Streamable report Netflix has begun notifying customers in “certain regions,” but Netflix representative Zhao Momo confirmed to us that all “Basic plan members who use the iTunes payment method” will need to sign up directly.

It’s a good experience for anyone who signed up before Netflix stopped accepting subscriptions through Apple’s payment system. Someone said today On X, they’ve kept the streaming service’s old price of $9.99 for years.

Alas, if you’re like that person, you now have to join the rest of us and either accept a $5+ price increase on essentially the same plan you’ve been using for years, or pay $3 less than you once did and Let the ads overwhelm you.or you can spend time Reflect on your relationship Prices for streaming services appear to be rising all the time.

The change is the end of a long saga – while Apple added an in-app subscription option to the iPhone in 2010, Netflix did not add them Its iOS app was discontinued until 2015 because it opposed Apple’s 30% split. At the end of 2018, Netflix Decided not to pay Apple at allgave up on in-app subscriptions entirely, and never looked back.

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