NCAA Women’s Tournament: Angel Reese, Caitlin Clark meet in LSU vs. Iowa rematch – LIVE

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LSU 38-37 Iowa State, 3:22, 2nd quarter

Affolt missed her first shot in three shots, but she countered with a strong defense that slowed LSU down. But Johnson hit a tough jumper in the shot clock, perhaps for the first time tonight, and it was over.

Stuelke countered Reese and tried some fake moves. Reese didn’t bite and she hit the ball out.

But after a series of great Iowa defense and some inexplicable no-calls, Iowa came back in transition and Clark hit a long 3-pointer to end her mini-drought.

LSU 36-34 Iowa State, 6:00, 2nd quarter

Stuerke hit two free throws to start Iowa on a 6-0 run, but Reese responded with a shot at the other end.

LSU 34-30 Iowa State, 6:38, 2nd quarter

Reese limped toward the exercise bike.

Johnson knocked down an Iowa defender but didn’t get the call.

Sturke broke through and was fouled.

Rhys is back. She was clearly limping.

LSU 34-30 Iowa State, 7:41, 2nd quarter

This time, it was a foul because Reese had a lot of contact with Clark, who was driving.

But Reese landed badly and actually jumped off the court on one foot.

Clark hit one of two free throws, but the big question here is whether Reese can return.

LSU 34-29 Iowa State, 9:00, 2nd quarter

Affolt hit his second 3-pointer of the game to halt LSU’s 13-0 run.

Clark passed inside and passed, but Reese blocked it hard. It looked like a foul to me, but I’m not the referee.

Oh, wait – yes, I am. But I am a football referee. Can’t believe us.

“Angel can score at will out there,” Mulkey told ESPN’s Holly Rowe between periods. “Don’t rub it in,” said millions of fans across the country.

Star observation: Clark scored 11 points in the first quarter and Reese scored 10 points. Each player has 3 assists. But Clark had two costly turnovers and Reese had five rebounds — matching Iowa’s total.

End of first quarter: LSU 31-26 Iowa

Iowa had a chance inside under the LSU basket, but Clark couldn’t find anyone open and she was called for a five-second violation.

Clark other Bad passing game and LSU got back into the game again, which was the climax of a 10-0 run by LSU.

Clark is almost There are more after finishing The pass was blocked but passed to a teammate. It ended up being a bad shot, though, and Iowa State suddenly went cold.

That doesn’t look good for Iowa. LSU has the advantage in rebounding and defense, and no team can sustain a 70 percent shooting percentage for long.

LSU 27-26 Iowa, 1:16, 1st quarter

Clark missed a long shot. LSU was able to tie the game from 3, but they missed the mid-range jump shot.

Iowa also missed a chance, with LSU firing on Reese. Clark returned to her defensive position, but she wisely didn’t do much that might have drawn a foul.

Then Clark made a pass error, Reese stole the ball and made a layup, giving LSU the lead.

LSU 23-26 Iowa, 2:36, 1st quarter

Clark made a free throw. Why do they allow TV timeouts before free throws?

LSU passed the ball to Reese, who scored easily.

Iowa was called for an offensive foul, and our commentator noted that LSU’s Morrow did a good job of “selling” that. If you think this only happens in football…

LSU 21-25 Iowa, 3:29, 1st quarter

Clark broke through, shot and was fouled. We had a timeout before she made the free throw, though.

Which brings us to the statistics…

LSU shot 9 of 16 from the field and 3 of 7 from 3-point range.

Iowa State was 10 of 14 from the field. That is 71.4%. Exactly half of those are 3 points, so the percentage is the same – 71.4%.

LSU held the lead in rebounding. They had eight rebounds to Iowa’s three, including four offensive rebounds.

LSU 19-23 Iowa State, 4:20, 1st quarter

No one is missing, which is amazing.

LSU 17-20 Iowa, 4:38, 1st quarter

Ball movement, balanced scoring, offensive rebounding. That’s what LSU does.

Gabbie Marshall hit a 3-pointer inside Caitlin Clark’s range. That’s what Iowa does.

A quick math during the timeout: Iowa was on pace to score 160 points. This might set some kind of record.

LSU 9-17 Iowa State, 6:03, 1st quarter

Kim Mulkey was angry after a travel call returned the ball to Iowa. She could only watch as Clark fired a shot from just a few feet beyond the arc and then watched the ball glide gently through the net.

They went back and forth again, and after Iowa scored two more points in transition, Mulkey called a timeout. Yo!


updated on

7:48 of the first quarter, LSU 4-9 Iowa

Clark’s second attempt was off target, but after Van Lis opened the scoring for LSU, Clark came back the other way and broke through for a layup that gave her five points.

Iowa State got a steal on its next possession and scored in transition.

Then they trade baskets.

Amazing speed, as expected.

9:36 of the first quarter, LSU 0-3 Iowa

LSU won the tip and took a quick shot but missed.

Iowa State went the other way, with Clark announcing her arrival in authoritative fashion, hitting a 3-pointer. It’s only a foot or two from the three-point line, so it’s a layup for her.

We’ve seen the video of Angel Reese pointing his ring finger during last year’s championship game dozens of times.


Kickoff time is not 7:15.

I note this just so you don’t think I’m missing.

We’re finally set for the most watched game in women’s college basketball history.

7:15 is the actual kick-off time. I have also reportedly seen 7:13 and 7:19.

game time!

Well, not yet, but soon.

It’s always funny when the ticker on ESPN says the game will start at 7:03 ET when the game obviously doesn’t start at 7:03.

Louisiana State University Scouting

The Tigers’ non-schedule makes Iowa State look like Murderer’s Row by comparison. Southeast Louisiana? Texas Southern? Team Niagara? They defeated a Queens team that went 1-15 in this year’s Atlantic Sun Conference.

But they’re second in the SEC, and while not as strong as in previous years, they’re still a serious challenge.

Angel ReeseLast year, she dominated game highlights with her hand to Clark, led a relatively balanced offense with an average of 18.7 points per game, and dominated the boards with an average of 13.2 points per game. In any other team, Anissa Moro Average rebounds is 9.9, ranking first. Morrow is the second-leading scorer (16.5) on a team that has six players averaging double figures. haley van lis She averaged 11.7 points per game, in addition to 3.7 assists.

Morrow (DePaul) and Van Lis (Louisville) transferred to LSU last summer.

Iowa Boy Scouts

Caitlin Clark She received widespread attention for her scoring output of 31.7 points per game. But her 8.9 assists per game are equally impressive. She even leads Iowa State with 7.3 rebounds per game. The downside is that she also averages 4.8 turnovers per game.

Sophomore Forward Hannah Sturke Averaged 14.0 points and 6.8 rebounds per game, peaking at 47 points in a win over Penn State. Kate Martin He is another double-digit scorer, averaging 12.8 points per game and matching Stuerke in rebounds.

The Hawkeyes’ schedule isn’t particularly tough. They have lost four games – to Kansas State, Ohio State, Nebraska and Indiana State, the latter of which was a 17-point loss to Indiana. One of their best wins avenged a loss to Ohio State.

Game 2 of the night will be another very close matchup between the No. 3 seed and the No. 1 seed they face. Connecticut has won 11 national championships, but none since 2016. They are always under the spotlight. This year, they’ve moved down the rankings, making them a No. 3 seed, but their championship history may give them an edge over No. 1 Southern California, a powerhouse team from the 1980s. He has been away from the big stage for decades.


Is this game the biggest in women’s basketball history?

It was a repeat of last year’s national championship, when Barnburn beat its opponents 102-85, punctuated by jibes and sparking a national debate.

It has a standout player, Iowa’s Caitlin ClarkA change in NCAA rules allowed her to appear in television commercials, boosting her media profile.

it has a coach, LSU Kim MulkeyHer off-court flamboyance attracted attention that was exponentially increased by various controversies, including her refusal to lend even the most tepid support Britney GrinerHe led Markey’s Baylor team to a 40-0 record in 2012 while the player was imprisoned in Russia.

Mulkey’s strained relationship with his family and some (definitely not all) former players prompted a Washington Post report in which Mulkey preempted the situation.

But the story was overshadowed by a Los Angeles Times op-ed that framed the LSU-UCLA game as a battle between good and evil. The newspaper took the unusual step of editing the column, saying “a previous version of this commentary did not meet The Times’ editorial standards.”

Aren’t you happy?

Beau will be here soon. In the meantime, if games elsewhere in this tournament are anything to go by, teams might want to take a look at the three-point line:

The NCAA was criticized after it was discovered that the three-point lines on both sides of the court at the Elite Eight in Portland were different lengths than the rim.

The news comes as North Carolina State and Texas prepare to compete for a spot in the Women’s NCAA Tournament’s Final Four. Coaches from both teams were notified but agreed to play despite the differences. Basketball fans on X The NCAA was quickly called About interruptions.

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