My job as a sports coach

For me, coaching is a passion. I have been an athletic trainer for 18 years. My job consists of teaching basketball and baseball, organizing schedules, writing game plans, attending clinics, running camps and general duties.

In order to be successful under my contract, I have to have my team win games. When people criticize coaches and say we only care about winning, they need to understand that we have to win to fulfill our contract.If we don’t win, our government and fans want us to fired.

As a coach, I rate my job satisfaction as a 9. Because of external pressure, I had to deduct one point from my full score of 10, and these pressures mainly came from my parents. A few years ago I allowed myself to worry about their noise. Now I know that the day I walk into the gym or the field and impact my players, in a way, it doesn’t matter to their parents. I know I brought my team together in the best way possible to win the game. Improves every athlete’s level in some way.

What I can do with these kids is amazing. I teach them drama and fundamentals, but I use the discipline of sports to instill life lessons in them. First, I teach kids to love the sport, and then I take those who have below average grades and need them to play the sport in order to improve themselves academically.when they want Resign, I asked them for more. I challenge them to work in the halls of school with people they don’t like. I challenge them to think smart in stressful situations.

i do like Serving To a certain extent, working with more established teams. The challenge is that bad habits have formed and I have to coach to win. I spend a lot of time on my roster so that everyone who works hard can compete, regardless of skill. It’s important to me to reward every athlete with decent playing time.

Middle school team gave me the opportunity to practice solid skills and good habits. I can teach more, and I have the leeway to ensure the development of each athlete by giving them playing time. The pressure to win is not as intense as it is at the high school level.

When I entered the coaching industry as a coach volunteer At a recreation center for at-risk kids, I was hooked. I’m glad I started the way I did. I saw the big picture of what I could actually do for kids besides teaching them how to play. I still volunteer with younger kids who end up playing for me on their school teams. Sometimes I have to buy them shoes or pay their bills. I always have to tutor them, but when I do, I see high school diplomas that they might not have otherwise.

When I first became a paid coach, I Tragic.My parents screamed at me. For a while, I tried to make everyone happy. I wasn’t having the impact I wanted on my kids. I ended up where I am now. I know I’m here for these kids and no one else.

Parental interference is, without a doubt, the most frustrating thing about coaching. Parents believe their children are stars. I’m lucky enough to coach team sports so I can hide the weaker players and give each kid a decent amount of time in the game. It helps the athletes keep working and it keeps the parents quiet.

For me, coaching is not particularly stressful.There were definitely some tense moments, with 11 seconds left and we were down two, but it wasn’t real. pressure When you look at the big picture of life, the pressure of a coach’s job comes outside of the gym.

This money is a supplemental income unless you make it to a college or pro team. I made about $2,000 for a six-week season in middle school and $5,000 for a three-month season in high school. I only coached at small schools. The bigger the school in the suburbs, the higher the tuition will definitely be. I open the gym twice a week in the off-season and host training camps twice a year. Apart from in-season games, my rest time is up to me.

A teaching or coaching degree is a standard requirement for coaching in schools. I don’t have the qualifications, but I do have the ability to bring together a group of athletes with varying skills, talents, and attitudes and ultimately win games and championships. I want to be a coach at a juvenile detention center or something like that. I wanted to bring the kids back into the world, and I thought I could.

I didn’t get rich doing this job, but I did get rich doing it.

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