MSFT Stock Returns to Buy Range, Joins 22 Stocks to Watch

Driven by the artificial intelligence craze Microsoft (Microsoft Corporation), cybersecurity leader Palo Alto Networks (Pan Wei) and Z scaler (ZS) and database companies MongoDB (MDB) is included in a list of 22 top stocks to watch. MSFT stock remains in buy territory, too MDB, which reports earnings on Tuesday evening.


PANW stock Walking with Internet Security mass strike (CRWD) are beyond their scope buying area. CRWD Stock Makes Headlines Last week, the company beat Wall Street’s profit expectations.

all the names above Inventory screen From today’s top 20 Industry groups — This is a noteworthy factor because winning stocks tend to come from the top-ranked groups in the 197 industries tracked by IBD.

Each company also outperformed at least 95% of stocks in key business areas Stock selection factors.

and cloud computing and Artificial intelligence is spreading to all walks of life, adobe (Adebe), Dropbox (DatabaseX), Turn on text (Otex) and a host of other companies on this list have entered the AI ​​revolution. DBX stock entered buy territory on Friday, but closed just below its 28.68 buy point on Tuesday.

Education stocks and fashion stocks are also popular

Trendsetters like lululemon sport (Lulu), urban clothing store (urban network), Ross Store (Rost) and Skechers (SKX) also forms a dot on this screen. LULU stock is now extended, with SKX closing just outside of its buy zone on Tuesday. URBN stock fell nearly 6% on Tuesday, dragging it below a buy point.

Education stocks New Oriental Education (Ministry of Education) and stride (LRN) also learned how to impress Wall Street.Both have launched strong products breakthroughbut withdrew it again today.

MSFT Stock Ranks Among Top Stocks in Top Industries

company symbol Compare ratings EPS Rating RS rating SMR rating A/D Rating
mass strike CRWD 99 99 98 A A-
New Oriental Education Ministry of Education 99 82 99 Second A+
European Airlines EUR 99 81 86 A B+
homet aerospace co., ltd. high width modulation 99 84 89 A A
Dorian LPG liquefied petroleum gas 99 99 99 A B+
stride LRN 99 99 97 Second A+
lululemon sport Lulu 99 98 92 A B-
MongoDB MDB 99 82 97 Second Second
Microsoft Microsoft Corporation 99 97 92 A Second
Turn on text Otex 99 89 82 A Second
Palo Alto Networks Pan Wei 99 98 95 A B+
Skechers SKX 99 93 92 Second A-
Z scaler ZS 99 99 96 A A-
adobe Adebe 98 96 96 A B-
Dropbox DatabaseX 98 98 88 A Second
Generation Digital root 98 85 83 A A
Ross Store Rost 98 86 88 A B+
urban clothing store urban network 98 99 90 Second B-
vertex Wicks 98 95 97 A B-
Tianhong CLS 97 96 98 Second B-
Hess midstream HESM 96 85 84 A B+
Terra data TDC 95 94 85 Second Second
Data as of December 5, 2023

MSFT Stock Ranks Among Top-Rated Artificial Intelligence Companies

In order for the top stocks on this screen to be worth watching in their top-ranked industries, each company must meet the following criteria:

Of course, ratings are only part of the equation when evaluating stocks.Please always Check stock charts Measure when to buy, sell or hold.

Scan the list below and click on the symbols to check stock chart for any base and buying area.

Build your watch list with stock ratings and stock lists

running Inventory screen and IBD Stock Screener or market smith is an effective way to streamline your research to find the top stocks worth watching Microsoft.

You can also zero in on the most noteworthy stocks using IBD inventory list Based on a wide range of preset filters.You’ll find top stocks that meet your criteria IBD50, IBD Industry Leader, IBD Large Cap 20, Initial Public Offering Leader and more.

For example, Meta stock and Tesla stock in IBD Large Cap 20.

once you reach your potential stock picking For your watch list, you need to evaluate your ideas IBD inventory check.IBD Stock Checkup provides a pass, neutral, or fail rating for each of your stocks, providing detailed insights into the fundamental and technical health of the companies on your watchlist.

In addition, based on CAN SLIM systemthis Overall rating Provides an overall score taking into account each IBD rating. A single score considers how a company and its stock perform in terms of annual and quarterly earnings growth, as well as its relative strength relative to the rest of the market.Also considered are sales, profit margins and institutional needs.

Note, however, that you should not buy a stock solely based on its rating or position on the IBD stock list. No matter how compelling a company’s story seems, savvy investors will always check out the company’s circumstances. technical action On a stock chart before buying.

Check out the chart to find out when Buy MSFT Stock and Other Stocks

Using a stock list can help you zero in on the most noteworthy stocks. Stock ratings provide a behind-the-scenes look at the fundamental and technical health of a company and its stock.Both stock lists and stock ratings can help you understand What purchase.but to fully understand when buy stocks,take a look stock chart.

It’s also important to understand the type of environment you’re currently in. bull market When do most stocks go up? bear market When most stocks are down?or volatileMuch of 2022 has been like this, with market indexes often unable to make sustained progress, volatile and uncertain.

Use stock charts to evaluate market indexes and individual stocks.Charts will help you identify the best times to buy stocks by identifying support and resistancealso Buy points and buying area. Using charts can also help you identify warning signs and When to Sell Stocks.

So when looking for potential stock picks and stocks to watch, be sure to check out the charts. They provide the most unbiased diagnosis of a stock’s health.

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