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Moscow court charges suspect in fatal concert attack

STORY: Russia on Sunday charged four men with killing dozens of people at a concert outside Moscow days earlier in the country’s worst attack in two decades.

Russian media previously identified the men as citizens of the former Soviet republic of Tajikistan living in Russia.

Unconfirmed footage of the brutal interrogation appeared on social media, and courtroom images and videos posted by Russian media showed the suspects covered in bandages, swollen and bruised, with one man confused and struggling to open his eyes.

Four suspects accused of terrorism will be remanded in custody until late May, a Moscow court said, adding that three of the four had apologized to all charges.

The attack prompted some Russian lawmakers to debate whether the death penalty should be imposed.

Earlier in the day, flags in Russia were flown at half-mast for a day of mourning, and people continued to lay flowers in memory of the victims.

As of Sunday evening, the death toll had risen to 137, with more than 100 people still hospitalized, some with serious injuries.

The Islamic militant group “Islamic State” has claimed responsibility for the attack and released a video of the attack. Reuters has confirmed the location of the attack.

Russian authorities said the gunman was captured near the Ukrainian border on Friday after fleeing a concert venue.

Putin, who has not publicly linked Islamic State to the attack, said some on the “Ukrainian side” were ready to smuggle the gunman across the border.

Ukraine denied any involvement in the attack.

The United States also denies Ukrainian involvement and says Islamic State bears full responsibility.

The White House said the U.S. government shared information with Russia earlier this month about Moscow’s planned attacks and issued a public warning to Americans in Russia.

Russian officials have bristled at U.S. comments about the attack and say Russian investigators must be allowed to draw their own findings.

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