Monday Night Football: Broncos vs. Bills live updates, scores, highlights, news, inactive content

The Bills have been struggling, but will a game against the Broncos solve their problems or just make them worse? (Jeff Dean/Getty Images) (Jeff Dean via Getty Images)

this buffalo bill Monday night could be a tough one.They have looked a bit out of form all season, losing three of their past five games, including a frustrating loss to cincinnati tigers Last week. They desperately need the right game to keep their season from spiraling out of playing denver broncos What do they need?

If they were facing the 2022 Broncos, there’s no doubt the Bills would take their lunch money and leave them with an atom to marry. But they’re facing a 2023 Broncos team that has more battles ahead of them.

The Broncos pulled off a huge, earth-shattering victory in Week 9.they defeated kansas city chiefsstunned the defending Super Bowl champions and limited them to nine points at quarterback Russell Wilson Score 24 with friends. That doesn’t necessarily mean the Broncos will beat a contending team for the second straight week, but beating them might not be as easy as it was 365 days ago.

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