Mitchell Robinson faces new injury questions after returning to Knicks

San Antonio—a side benefit of Foul trouble and drama for the Knicks on Friday A longer look at Mitchell Robinson, who played just 12 seconds in overtime, felt good about his performance.

On the downside, he was also injured, spraining his left ankle (not the surgically repaired ankle) after landing awkwardly on a dunk attempt.

The center recently Returned after missing 50 games due to injuryDespite post-game assurances that he was in good health, he was listed as “questionable” for Easter Sunday’s game against the Thunder.

“I thought I played a solid game in my second game back,” Robinson said. “What I got, seven points. [points] and 12 [rebounds]?

Mitchell Robinson returns to Knicks after missing 50 games. Associated Press

“We’re about to get back in the game. Isn’t this the average I was before I went out? Yeah, come back like a champ.”

Robinson played a total of 20 minutes, his most since Dec. 5, which spanned nearly four months and included surgery on his right ankle.

His offensive rebounding reminds me of Robinson’s seven All-Defensive appearances at the start of the season.

But it’s not perfect.

or smooth.

Mitchell Robinson is listed as questionable for Sunday’s Knicks game. Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

In addition to a sprained ankle, Robinson went into overtime after Isaiah Hartenstein fouled out at the end of regulation and missed six of his nine shot attempts, clearly suffering from a strain at the rim. Victor Wembanyama’s existential obsession with elasticity.

The Knicks outscored the Knicks by 10 points when Robinson was on the court, and Robinson is now the obvious backup.

His net rating is about minus-23 compared to Hartenstein’s plus-15.3.

Part of the reason for that rating is that Robinson played some poor minutes without Jalen Brunson in the fourth quarter, and the Knicks offense struggled without Brunson.

Additionally, several of Robinson’s missed shots were unfair because they were all on offensive rebounds without full possession of the ball.

But he also understands that rhythm is an issue.

“It was bad timing. It was brutal,” Robinson said. “I thought I played really well. [before the injury]. And then sitting there for four months, it disrupts…your whole time. But it is what it is. I won’t use that as an excuse. I can do better. I’m a basketball player. I’ve been doing this for six years. ”

This is a process.

It’s about staying healthy but also establishing a rhythm.

Mitchell Robinson played a few minutes Friday without Jalen Brunson. Associated Press

That’s why it’s good for Robinson to return with running back before the playoffs — and why it’s more concerning the longer Julius Randle is inactive.

On Wednesday, Robinson’s first game back from surgery came against the Raptors in a blowout victory, and the atmosphere got lighter. The atmosphere in San Antonio was tense Friday, like a playoff game.

The Spurs (18-56) rode the enthusiasm of the crowd to win three straight despite being in the draft lottery, while the Knicks (44-29) fell from third to fourth in the Eastern Conference.

“The first game, getting back the atmosphere of playing in front of a big crowd. The second game – doing it with more energy,” Robinson said.

Despite a recent right ankle sprain, the 25-year-old said his recovery from a stress fracture in his left ankle will be much easier than it was after fracturing his right foot in 2021.

“That bone just broke in the foot. The fifth metatarsal just broke,” Robinson said. “It was like a hairline fracture. … It was a lot easier than the last one. The last one, I was out. [about six months]…This is not bad.

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