Mitchell Hooper Attempts Ronnie Coleman’s 3 Heaviest Lifts Ever – Destroying Muscle

The world’s strongest man goes to great lengths to equal the legend’s weightlifting record.

Even though he plays a completely different sport, Mitchell Hooper Able to appreciate Superman strength and absolute determination Ronnie Coleman Became the most decorated bodybuilder of all time. Dominate the world’s strongest man He could perform kettlebell throws and overhead presses with relative ease, but after trying to rival some of the eight-time Mr. Olympia champion’s best lifts, he had to eat a piece of the proverbial humble pie.

In a video posted on his YouTube page on November 16, 2023, Mitchell takes on the seemingly impossible challenge of performing Coleman-inspired back exercises It included three basic exercises using weights that gave him a new perspective on what the living legend accomplished in the gym.

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In addition to possessing an incredibly muscular and symmetrical physique, The King has earned a lot of praise for his ability to train with the strength of a weightlifter (Coleman once was). Known for training with extremely heavy weights and pushing himself to failure. Coleman set personal records in some major weightlifting events that still seem unfathomable years later, including 12 military lifts of 315 pounds (143 kg), and 2 squats and deadlifts of 800 pounds. Electric power construction Methods and high protein diet A disciplined lifestyle helped the Louisiana native win 26 IFBB professional show titles, including eight consecutive Mr. Olympia titles from 1998 to 2005.

However, even for Hooper, he became the fourth man to win the WSM and Championship Arnold’s Strongman Classic In April 2023 of the same year, Coleman’s training methods seemed to be well beyond his capabilities.Nonetheless, the Canadian strongman showed he’s no slouch by finishing his first game with ease back exercises.

The training consists of three parts, starting around the 1:05 mark of the film.

Conventional Deadlift — 800 lbs (362.9 kg), two reps

Coleman famously completed two 800-pound routines dead lift In the 2000 documentary Ronnie Coleman: UnbelievableFor most people, replicating this feat is completely impossible. However, chasing Coleman’s best deadlift wasn’t much of a challenge for Hooper, who already pulled 1,000 pounds.

The 28-year-old started with a 575-pound (260.8 kg) warm-up set and showed perfect form by driving his hips forward during the shutdown phase. Before moving on to the next set, Hooper pointed to his tattoo of peanuts. and noted that he did so in homage to Coleman’s iconic “Nothing But Peanuts” slogan.

After warming up with a final set of 685 pounds (310.7 kg), the accomplished strongman upped the ante and attempted to hit 800 pounds (362.9 kg) twice, just as Coleman had done more than two decades ago That way. Not surprisingly, Hooper effortlessly matched the King’s best deadlift, Complete two clean reps.

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Bent-over row — 515 lbs (233.6 kg), 10 reps

Six years after setting the deadlift record, Coleman completed 10 deadlifts Barbell bent row A total of 515 pounds (233.6 kg) in the 2006 documentary Ronnie Coleman: RuthlessThis is a heavy exercise that targets your lats, erector spinae, glutes, hamstrings, and scapular stabilizers. row changes Requires excellent core strength to perform safely.

Despite Hooper’s strongman background, he wasn’t as confident about tying Coleman’s bent-over row record as he was in the deadlift. Starting with a warmup set of 405 pounds (183.7 kg), which looked challenging, Hooper added another 50 pounds (22.7 kg) barbell.

“The funny thing is, it’s a very light deadlift, but when you pick it up and you’re now in the context of ‘you have to row,’ it feels completely different,” he explained during a break.

Ultimately, Hooper didn’t even try to match the weight Coleman was using in his prime. on the contrary, He finished eight times at 455 pounds (206.4 kilograms) before moving on to the final exercise.

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T-Bar Row—505 lbs (229 kg), 12 reps

At the end of the workout, Hooper attempted to go head-to-head with Coleman’s 2006 record of 12 T-bar rows of 505 pounds (229 kilograms). He started with an easy 315-pound (142.9 kg) warm-up set. , which sets the stage for a brief discussion about the effects of weight lifting.

“This is a reality that every strength athlete must face – if you push yourself to the limit over and over again, it can cause long-term damage,” Hooper explains.All you do is change the risk profile. It’s important to realize that pushing yourself to your limits does increase the risk of certain musculoskeletal problems, but it can also completely reduce the risk for others.

After sharing his insights into the dangers of maximal training, Hooper turned his attention to a corner of the gym for a final set of T-rows. As is the case with Stoop Row, Hooper is far from one of his idols.

2023 World’s Strongest Man Contest Winner Maximum weight is 10 reps at 405 lbs (183.7 kg)proving that King was indeed (and still is) on another level.

Featured Image: Mitchell Hooper/YouTube

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