Missy Truscott suffers double meniscus tear, cruciate ligament rupture at 2023 Olympia Fitness competition

The former fitness Olympia champion faces a long recovery process.

Missy Truscott appears to be well on her way to winning her third Fitness Olympia title after winning the first of two rounds in the division. Olympia 2023.

Then the nightmare begins.

Truscott’s dreams of becoming a three-time champion were dashed during the exhibition games as a series of devastating injuries left her in immense pain and unable to complete her daily training routine. The decorated fitness competitor discussed the extent of the damage in a video posted to her YouTube page on November 11, 2023 Not only did she tore her anterior cruciate ligament, she also tore the meniscus on both sides of her left knee.

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After her heartbreaking experience. Orlando, FloridaTruscott admitted she was experiencing “excruciating” pain in her left quadriceps and left knee. Worried she might have torn her quadriceps on stage as well, she was relieved after receiving the results of her MRI.

The two-time fitness Olympia champion avoided the worst-case scenario despite being told by Truscott’s surgeon that she had torn her left anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and the lateral and medial menisci in the same knee.

“The quadriceps are intact, so I’m really happy about that,” Truscott explained. “I feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. My surgeon is very confident that I’m going to make a full recovery. Everything is going smoothly. .”need some time. “

Truscott’s pre- and postoperative rehabilitation has been scheduled, and she will undergo surgery “in the near future” to repair damaged knee ligaments. Facing a difficult road to recovery that will take several months, she expressed gratitude for all the support she received during her recovery.After she suffered a major setback

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While she seems optimistic about the future, Truscott’s colleagues don’t share the same optimism about one of her controversial moves.

2021 Fitness Olympia champion Whitney Jones threw a shark prop off a pole during her workout, an act that Truscott deemed “trivial” and “less than championship-winning” . Considering Truscott’s Team Apex Training logo includes a great white shark, it was clearly a conscious decision made by Jones to incorporate the defending champion’s iconic animal in a degrading way.

“You’re not going to see Chris Bumstead bring a dinosaur to a press conference, or Derek Lunsford bring a dinosaur,” Truscott said. Wolf attending a press conference.” “I think she tried to shoot me and totally missed.”

But ultimately, the esteemed former champion took a bigger picture when it came to the future of the sport.

“I’ve made a career out of bodybuilding and I’m excited to see how the IFBB fitness division is growing,” Truscott said. “We have so many talented women joining the sport and I’m super excited to see how much it will grow this year.”

Truscott has vowed to come back in better shape than ever and won’t have to worry about qualifying for the 2024 Olympia due to her previous title status. However, when the two fitness contestants shared the stage again.

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