Microsoft’s Edge Copilot AI can’t really generalize every YouTube video

Microsoft AI Copilot in Edge browser has a new feature this week Is Ability to generate video text summariesBut as Microsoft CEO of Advertising and Network Services Mikhail Parakhin explained, Edge Copilot’s time-saving features are still quite limited and only work with pre-processed videos or videos with subtitles.

as spot go through MSPower users, Parashin Write, “In order for it to work, we need to preprocess the video. If the video has subtitles – we can always rely on it, if there are no subtitles and we haven’t preprocessed it – then it won’t work,” answers a question.

In other words, Edge Copilot itself doesn’t have much to summarize video Because it summarizes the textual record of the video. Copilot can also perform similar functions across Microsoft 365, including summarizing Teams videos Meeting and incoming call For customer service agents – In both cases, a message is required transcribed First up is Microsoft. Copilot on Microsoft Stream can also summarize any video, but again, it requires the user produce Written transcript.

The conversation begins with designer Pietro Schirano release Screen recording of Edge Copilot summarizing YouTube video this grand theft auto 6 trailerIn this case, Copilot seems to do its job perfectly. The recording user presses the “Generate video summary” button in Copilot’s sidebar, and just a few seconds later, Copilot produces a video with highlights and timestamps.

Of course, many platforms, including YouTube and Vimeo, can automatically generate transcripts and subtitles if the user enables the feature. edge Asked Parakhin on Replied: “Should work for most videos.”

Copilot is just the latest example of Microsoft competing with Google (and others) in the generative AI race.Last month, Google upgraded YouTube extension Its Bard chatbot enables it to summarize video content and display specific information from it.Just this week, Google announced a major Gemini update that comes with its own set of issues — and the company’s editors may have distorted Some capabilities of artificial intelligence are shown in demos, but not always Have factual basis.

Palatinzen frank About the various stages of Copilot’s development on social media. While on the plane on Tuesday morning, the machine learning expert posted on X: “Adding the ability to use video feeds on flights to Edge Copilot.”

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